Indigo Is Cool

The color of Indigo

Is very special,

It is not purple,

It is not blue,

To give you a clue,

Look at the images that ring true.

Indigo is cool,

It is between purple and blue,

The subjects of such color could be wool,

Or a tool,

It could be the color of your swimming pool,

And it is part of the nature,

We shall recognize it in the future.

This is an entry 4   JENNY’s Alphabe Rainbow summer school (Indigo)

Jingle is represented by Poets United today: The life of A Poet, Check out details here:

Many thanks to Poets United and Poets Who Support Jingle and her Thursday Poets Rally.


31 thoughts on “Indigo Is Cool

    1. I just read your interview.. So sweet one.. Full of positive vibes.. And Jingle Thanks you so much for the mention am in Cloud Nine.. Thanks ji.. Long Live our Friendship..

      –Someone Is Special–

  1. You put up such amazing posts, Jingle!!! And this one totally made me sit back and relaaaaaaaaaxx.. it was lovely! Thanks sweetie.. I really needed this!

  2. Indigo is my favourite colour Jingle, just wanted to say thanks again for the awards you sent to me, I have been ill so have not been able to post yet….I will catch up soon…enjoy your day 🙂

  3. Indigo is my favorite color!
    “To give you a clue,
    Look at the images that ring true.”
    Lovely poem Ji- it made me smile 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  4. Fun! Love indigo. Ya know, purple is my favorite color–and any variation thereof is fine by me. Great job!

    By the way, just posted a new whimsical poem on my site, hope you’ll check out and enjoy!

    Have a wonderful day!

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