Wednesday Sensational Haiku (Secrets)

Are you a honest person?

Does a honest person have secrets?

How do you handle secrets?


Be aware of the differences

Between lies, whoppers,  and secrets,

Secrets may be innocent.


The secret of happiness,

The secret of career success,

these secrets are magic!


This is 4 Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!


25 thoughts on “Wednesday Sensational Haiku (Secrets)

  1. A nice “4” of three you have written, Jingle. One of my often told secrets is that I don’t thing lying is a sin unless it injures someone or is malicious. I read that in your haiku set someplace, a little ‘secret nook.’ 🙂

  2. All secrets are magic if you ask me. It’s just how they are presented and what is told and hopefully the magic is all good. 🙂 Very well done. 🙂 Happy Wednesday. Rabbit, rabbit

  3. Very nice haikus Jingle. To keep secrets does not make one dishonest, of course it depends on what kind of secret one is keeping.

  4. Oh yes, many magical secrets and for those who notice they may even be seen.
    Secret places in the wild,
    Secret gardens,
    Secret joys,
    Secret wishes…

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