Weekend Funnies


I stumbled into a fish tank,


Please tell me how

to get rid of the yank

from the naughty fish

to grant my freedom wish!


This post entered the following memes:


For Lots of Laughter (Stumble)

Shakira at YOU ARE NEVER ALONE! cohosts meme WEEKEND FUNNIES with Gattina at WRITERS CRAMPS

Happy Sunday!

U Rock!

26 thoughts on “Weekend Funnies

  1. STUNNING, thanks Jingle!! Just adore the poem and the pic – especially being a great cat lover and appreciative of fish ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Yes, How? Sorry for being so late to reach here.. it shows one in a tight spot….oh sorry ..edge.. or is it wedge..OK whatever.. loved your take and I am laughing..

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