Sunday 160-This Is How I’ve Spent My Saturday

This is how I’ve spent my Saturday,
Drove up to 75 m/hr on highway,
Shopped at Banana,
The Famous Footwear,
And Gap Store,
Enjoyed the crowds
In shopping Mall.


What can you say in 160 characters? (spaces included)

Check it out on  Monkey Man.

I used the character calculator

This is linked to  Poetry Pantry at Poets United

33 thoughts on “Sunday 160-This Is How I’ve Spent My Saturday

  1. Nice challenge Jingle! my attempt below –

    brain of Einstein, blood of Kant
    boil together, step on ant
    mouth of Bertrand, eye of Plato
    mix as if mash potato
    add a little reindeer fur
    create a new philosopher

  2. what a fun way to spend your Saturday… truly anti-stress! my own saturday was spent recuperating from flu. 😥 it was worth it though as i am feeling much better today. happy weekend, dear friend! muahhhhhhhhhh!

  3. You my friend are a better shopper than me. That’s one thing I loathe LOL Very well done 🙂 You have a lead foot my dear LOL 🙂 Have a great Sunday 🙂

  4. I don’t like to shop. I do what’s called power shopping. I make lists and wait then get it all done in as little time as possible.

    Unless it’s books or art supplies.

  5. I like to walk through a mall, stop for a snack or a meal, enjoy the sights and sounds; but like some others, I’m not a shopper. I must be forced by necessity to shop. I enjoyed your poem. Was it like walking through the stores with you and not having to pick through the merchandise myself? Possibly. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Saturday
    Slept in late and woke up slowly
    Shower and select to dress
    Discard that top, it now is holey
    Rush out, just leave that mess.
    Meet a friend to break our fast
    Shopping is first, home is last

  7. wow – gal blog pal you are on a roll whirling around, 75mph … shopping, crazy busy malls before school starts this week…. and two 160’s ….. nice work and words,

    Hope you found some good buys.


  8. heheheh… that sounds like a chilled out Saturday!! And the 75 mph drive.. woohoo!!! 😀
    Hope you had an awesome time shopping! Now try on, and enjoy the stuff you bought!!

    Happy week ahead!! (many hugs)

  9. Ah! you Love Shopping…. Nicely done. Hmm… Lets see

    Up at six a. m.
    Bare feet across the lawn.
    Kitchen filled with heavenly smells.
    Read while washing machine hummed.
    Cleaned up with a long bath
    My day was done.

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