The Future Will Be Divine

Free your tightened chest,

Forget about your subject test,

Simply relax and rest!


Freely follow the flow,

Feed family and friends loads of fun,

The future will be divine!


This is an entry 4 Sensational Haiku Wednesday (Future) at Jenn of You know… that Blog?

and an entry 4 ABC Wednesday,  F is 4 Future….

The Only Cin gives Jingle this award today, wow,  what a fun and encouraging message for Jingle !  Everyone in this community is cool, thus please feel free to take it if you like it…

Thank You, Cindy, your golden heart!  xxx

Please visit Cindy via the following link:

42 thoughts on “The Future Will Be Divine

  1. wow so nice 🙂

    jiiiiiiiiiii 😦 i still don’t know how to link my poems to the haiku and all the toner poetry stuff… HELP!!!!! 😦

    and what is haiku?

    1. Okay,

      I know they destroy the entries after the round 7 is over and round 8 begins, thus your entry is accepted,
      please also tag Thursday Poets Rally Week 27 if possible,
      have fun!

  2. You deserve the award, Ji!!! It’s totally apt for you! 🙂 Congratulations !!!! 😀

    The Haiku you have written are so beautiful… full of lovely messages and cheer… loved the way the first one rhymed! Awesome!
    Good God… The more I read from you, the more awestruck I am ! YOU SIMPLY ARE THE BEST (no doubt about it!!)

  3. Ji you always do this… your Haiku is so light, beautiful, thoughtful, insightful…… just made me smile …. thanks Ji for your beautiful work..

    you totally deserve the award… for the work you do, the effort you make Evey single day… the pieces you write. you are just unique Ji.

    keep rocking Ji
    viva la vida!!

  4. Joyful Haiku, from the first line: Free you tightened chest.
    If feels like an invitation to an open and joy-filled future. My chest relaxed just reading it. Thanks. – Bill

  5. Great poem…it is a wonderful piece for meditation…breath out….’Free your tightened chest’…breathe in….’Forget about your subject test’….breathe out….
    We are relaxed now, and indeed the future does look divine! 😉
    Congrats on your award too!

  6. Wow! Two absolutely delightful haikus Ji. Once clearly written by the teacher in you. I like! … and congratulations on the award – perfect! – from Cindy.

    The future does feel brint … but any brighter than today. Enjoy Rally! And, as always, thanks for your hard work.

  7. Wow – I really like your Haiku – especially the first one here – the words are SOoooo great.

    Life is good my friend! Chloe 😀 xx

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