Raindrops Tease The Deserted Pool

Kids have gone back to school,
Raindrops tease the deserted pool,
Tree shadows flicker on the wall
As the wind sings the rhythms of the Fall.
Sharpen your eyes,
Identify ghosts in human disguise.
Watch the musicians play
As leaves start to decay.
Sail on the prolific ocean
While pumpkins go ripen.
Toast your days with flying fantasy,
Prepare for the season’s abundance and intimacy.

This poem is written for Thursday Poets Rally Week 27…A post about the detailed information will be up in this blog within 24 hours on Wednesday…if you plan to attend, start to prepare your poem now…
Images credit is from Google...

24 thoughts on “Raindrops Tease The Deserted Pool

  1. Welcome Fall!!!!
    A lovely ode to Autumn, Jingle…. 🙂

    Your words were just perfect… and “golden”! Just like the season…
    And happy Rallying!!! 😀

  2. I like it. It puts me in a spell. I’m there somewhere; I don’t know where, but you took me there. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Your words are deep and I could feel the tranquility in every word. You are a very talented poet Jingle, it shows every single time. I love the image you have chosen…so beautiful. Kids gone back to school :(:( Missing them? xxx Much love x

  4. awe hope your not missin them too much, it leaves a huge space when they are not around xxx thanks for the lovely awards dear, will post weekend xxx also I will do my best to read some of the new poets on your list as a thank you xxx

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