Family Fridays-More Chicago Memories

It is Another Beautiful Friday, It it  Time  4 Family Fridays with Lori@Peterson St. Louis and Amy
As  Chicago Bulls won their last Basketball Championship (my son, 3 years old), the whole city was in cheery mood of all kinds of celebration, I loved watching NBA on NBC at the time, because I used to play basketball while I was in High School.
Chicago has many parks, playgrounds..My son (above, 2 and a half years old) loved playing in the playground, where he could swing, slide, and meet other playmates…I have met many other spouses or grandparents who were with little kids at parks there….a nice place to socialize and exchange information…
University of Chicago view
Jordan, Pipen, Dennis, I remember their performances as they worked as stars to win… 😉
The World Famous Coach of The Chicago Bulls and The MVP winner, Michael Jordan, and more… they have made a great team, weren’t they?
I loved Chicago Bulls, I enjoyed watching their games and how they have overcome challenges, rumors, and more to stand on top of the basketball world at that time period, they have made history…..They inspire people from all walks of life,….
The record is there,
The world is aware.
The party may be over,
But the spirits are never going to disappear!
Happy Friday,
Have A Fantastic Weekend with Your loved Ones!
(the last three image credits come from google)

19 thoughts on “Family Fridays-More Chicago Memories

  1. Hi Jingle…..Your son is adorable…Thanks for stopping by…Im still trying to catch up with everyone since Ive been back….this is my new address….y other blog is dedicated to art and promotion…if you have any pieces I woud love to feature them..!…I emailed it but not everyone recieved it…Hope you have a great weekend..!

  2. Awesome Ji, and so very adorable!! Thanks for posting this and my wish for you is to have a great weekend with YOUR loved ones!!!! Sending you love across the ocean!! xx

  3. Sorry i have been in the shadows these last few weeks, been going through some emotional times, so emotional I was without my rhymes. The time seems to be going back normal, so there is no need to be formal, I am back to say what a good read, I am here if you need, looking forward to the next rally, to add it to my tally.


  4. Oh yea baby…the spirits will never disappear!!!
    Lovely post!! Nice pics and some beautiful memories there…
    You played basketball too!??!? Good God, Jingle… you really are multi-talented! phheewww

    Happy Weekend, my superstar!!! 🙂

  5. Love seeing a happy Child as your son obviously is in his Bulls Bed!!! I am more of an “ACC” game kinda boy. NBA has too many pros playing for me; but then I don’t live in a major City that has a Pro Team either… Growing up in South Eastern North Carolina, believe me Basketball is second in religion only to the Southern Baptist … Michael Jordan actually grew up really close to here, ( Both his Homes actually) Wilmington, and Teachey), and the Tar Heels have ALWAYS been my Team. I also know a little about your Prairie Lands, as I lived for two years, 2 hours south of the windy city… in Champagne -Urbana …corn field central…lol, had to go ten miles to drive a road with a curve in it, or see a tree other than one in the local cemeteries…( I think it was called Arlington, or Arrington Woods)? Nice park anyway… But, if one wanted to take a trip without ever leaving the farm they could rely on going to any Rail Road Crossing and look in the right direction, while counting the grain silos…to visit the next state… the rock band from there called Head – East had it right with their ( Flat as a Pancake) Album title… I’m messing with ya… but, I’m pretty sure you can relate… Of course, it really didn’t take a lot to entertain me back then…Oh, by the way, I’m sure you know that the Lead Singer for that band…with their one HIT: (save my life I’m going down for the last time), is one of the biggest Christian Artist on the charts these days.. So, just one more testimony: JESUS SAVES…God Bless you
    paul Oh I alos LOVED Michael Murphy also from Champagne-Urbana ( She ran calling wild Fire) bye

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