Haiku (Struggle) Plus Belated Birthdays & Awards

My Haiku Entry 4 Leo’s Meme: http://haiku-heights.blogspot.com/2010/08/prompt-4-struggle.html

I am hurt by bears,

By bears with chairs,

I am hurt by sharks with locks.


I struggle with rhymes,

With rhymes that make my poem

Writing longer times.


Sorry for missing your birthday…

Happy Belated Birthdays Wishes to the following:

Amanda’s son, who has the same birthday as Jingle’s son, May 22,

Check out Amanda here: buttercup600.wordpress.com

Doraz’s 2nd son, who has a birthday on August 11, 2010


And a fellow and highly talented fresh poet Leo at: leonnyes.wordpress.com/

Happy Belated Birthday from Jingle and Friends of Jingle to THREE individuals mentioned above, including those who has a birthday this month and did not reveal….

Alan’s Son Nathan has 22 birthday today: Happy Birthday!http://ncbeachcomber.wordpress.com/2010/08/19/happy-birthday-nathan/

A lovely Blog Award from Eric at Bubba’s Place:


Well, I know Eric from my blogger account and know that he is a  talented poet who takes friendship seriously…Jingle is honored to be nominated along with 12 bloggers.  xxx

The Most Supportive Poet Award from Jingle

The Most Elegant Blogger Award from Jingle

Rules: share with 1 to 10 friends

What a celebration!

At this time, Jingle wish to share above awards to ALL of YOU who have commented under this post, and commented under the following posts:

Wednesday Sensational Haiku


Happy 2nd birthday to Noha’s Twin Babies:


Monday’s Child #7: Did You Know?


46 thoughts on “Haiku (Struggle) Plus Belated Birthdays & Awards

  1. Hi Ji 🙂 thanks so much firstly for the wishes.. I had sort of a silent birthday this time out.. 😀

    both haikus are very lovely, like the second one a lot.. 🙂

    Btw, I’m back to my original pen name.. Leo.. 🙂

  2. awww….. so sweet 🙂
    i will surely go and wish them 😀

    nice poem 🙂

    and happy birday to ur son 😀

    WHERE IS MY CAKE!!!?? 😛

  3. Awww Ji….you are so considerate and loving and always think of everything. Thanks so very much for this…it means more to me than words can ever say!!! From one mother to another…I love you …and thank you. Happy birthday to everyone and I’ll go visit:):):)

  4. I’m not sure what you meant when you gave me this address. Wow, you are popular!My birthday was July 17th and I had NO CAKE…. until the next day when I had ice-cream cake with my grandkids!

  5. This is nice Jingle. Sorry but I am not on the computer much these days since school started. Both my grandkids are in school this year, but the youngest only goes a half day. I have to take care of her plus look for a job, and dealing with all this legal stuff that is giving me trouble like insurance and so on. I have no choice but to find a job, because my Social Security is not going to be enough to live on. So I am down to giving up something and it has to be blogging except for once in awhile as I have time to pop in. I am so sorry about this but my husband didn’t leave any money for me to live on. Like everyone else we were living from one month to the next, and the few dollars I did have the hospital and doctors took it. I do pray you and everyone will understand, but this is life, we do what we have to do in order to survive, and I refuse to sit around crying and worrying about my situation, I believe in helping yourself and do all you can to make your situation better. So I am going to go back to work. All of you can help by praying God will show me favor and help me to find that right job that won’t be to hard on my health, and age. Can you send me the link to where you want me to vote? I will take time to do that but sorry I won’t have time to accept awards, and post them. I will try my best to read at lest one poem of each of my blogging friends this weekend. Happy Birthday to you all. I pray that God bless you with many more.

    Love Viola

    1. good luck on searching for a job…
      I understand you.
      no problem..

      viola, if you live in the United States,
      you shall apply for unemployment benefits, they may pay you up to $800 each month before you find a job, a part time job only gets you that much, also, there are welfare system in the U. S., if you are a citizen and has NO job, you may get paid plus some food items each week…..

      take advantage of what you have,
      live well…..

  6. aww….thanks Jingle. Happy Birthday to everyone you mentioned here. It’s great to know so many wonderful people. Thanks a lot Jingle.
    And before I forget, beautiful haiku 🙂

  7. Wow… so many birthdays!! Yaaayyy…partyyyyy!!! 🙂
    Thank you, Ji for spreading the word… you have a heart that welcomes all and leaves NONE out!!

    I loved your Haiku.. they are soooo sweet… the second one totally made me smile.. heheh

    Many hugs to you!!!! 😀

  8. Wow! Jingle, once again thanks for the awards.. You had always supported me and encourage me to grow. I love your initiative and also join you in wishing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to everyone.. Keep Smiling.. I will accept all the three awards from you.. Thanks you once again for this…

    –Someone Is Special–

  9. Jingle,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and ur kind appreciation. I loved ur Haiku on Struggle too..
    And yes, I’m another poet who struggles with rhymes..hehehhee..
    Thanks for the awards. They are very pretty..:D

  10. Jingle,
    You are such a charm! You are thoughtful in every way. These Haikus are nice , but I hope you won’t struggle anymore…enjoy! We enjoy your work and treasure your goodness! Happy Weekend! Thank you for the Lovely awards!
    Happy Birthday to all poets and their loved ones who were August-Born! Heartspell

  11. Ah, Jingle I only just found this. A very happy belated birthday to all of these wonderful folks.
    Viola, Good luck with your job search.
    And what a great haiku!

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