Quote of The Day

The purpose of life journey in the earth school is to discover the frightened parts of your personality and heal them, and to discover the loving parts of your personality and cultivate them.


Call for submissions for writers interested in having their work published in literary magazines and journals.

First Step Press

Kweli Journal

Sycamore Review

The Tulane Review is accepting submissions of poetry, prose, and artwork.  They are now accepting submissions for the Winter 2010 Issue, which will be published in late November. The submission deadline is October 22, 2010.

19 thoughts on “Quote of The Day

  1. Hi Jingle- are you doing a Poet of the Month for July? Or have you done it already? I’d be interested in being in and nominating a few people that have impressed me. Like yr quote 🙂

  2. Such lovely pictures, Ji!
    And the quote was so mind blowing!! AND TRUE!
    Focusing on the positives and using them to “heal” the negatives is what life’s all about! Wonderful!
    Thanks for this lovely line to start the week with!! YOU ROCK!!!!
    And also, thank you for those amazing links to the literary mags! That’s really very kind and thoughtful of you (as always)!!!
    HAPPY NEW WEEK!!!! 😀

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