Poetry Potluck-A Poem 4 Thursday Poets Rally Week 26

It’s Poetry Potluck 4 Thursday Poets Rally,

I wonder if you are ready?

Bring in a poem to share,

Visit other poets to create a yummy atmosphere.

Participants are contributors

Who love other poets’ as creators,


Who inspire seasoned poets with more choices.

The opportunity is rare,

The moment is here.

Comment to let yourself in,

Visit as many poets as you can.

Relations are mutual,

Your work is to be appreciated by all as usual.

Expose yourself to novel talents,

Upgrade your skills with sharpened contents.

Everyone is welcome,

Every poem is considered awesome.

Attitude is the key,

Hope that you have a beautiful poetry day!


This is entered at Favorite Things Friday

(image credits from google…)

22 thoughts on “Poetry Potluck-A Poem 4 Thursday Poets Rally Week 26

  1. LOVELY!! Perfect for the Poets Rally… you are so creative, Ji!!!! 🙂
    Who inspire seasoned poets with more choices.:” — this is soooo true!!! I loved these lines the most!!!! It reminded me of my first week in the Rally 🙂 … wowww!!!!

    By the way, my poem for the Rally is up as well… Have put up the link as a comment on your Rally Week 26 post…

  2. I just love what you are doing –keeping the lovely art of poetry alive.
    I am so busy and don’t always have time to participate, but I wanted to give you a standing cyber ovation here and now. Thanks from this Canadian poet.

  3. Hi Jingle, just checking in with you to say hi, and nice poem. Love your community-building work, it’s v important to all of us. I have one or two new ones up, I continue to blog, but Poets’ Rally will have to wait till I have some more time/energy/space, you know how life can be. The stresses get to me! Maybe I should write a poem about it…

    Warmest Salad


  4. Ho true Jingle!attitude is everything and u hve summed it up beautifully in ur poem..

    Also, on another note, I would like to inform you with great pleasure that my first book of poems has just been published 🙂

    I wld like to thank you for the forum/platform that u gave me to interact with other poets and get to know their poetry..

    My book is titled “Beyond” and u can find further details on my blog http://www.versepoems.com

    thnks keep the faith and keep writing!

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