The Sick Rose

A rose is sick,

Blame the greedy worm

That has made its pick

During a spring storm.

That tricky worm

has done a brainstorm,

Oh, boy,

It determines to destroy.

Summing up her courage

To prevent further damage,

The sick rose stretches her toes

And kicked, there it goes.

The sickness is gone,

The worm harms no more.

The rose enjoys her time alone,

She plays with the breeze she would adore.


Hello, welcome to Jingle, Thursday Poets Rally Week 26 is on, please visit the following link to participate… Happy Wednesday!ย  U Rock!

42 thoughts on “The Sick Rose

  1. Initially, I felt sad…but then, seeing the rose kick back, I was smiling again!
    Such an inspiring poem, Ji… The metaphorical use of the rose and worm was so perfect!!
    I too aspire to be one such rose :)…
    A lovely read!
    Happy Wednesday!!! (much love)

  2. Lovely poem Jingle.. i hope just like the rose, you too are never sick and can always kick away worms who brainstorm you ๐Ÿ™‚

    thanks for the share..loved it!

  3. She plays with the rose she would adore — I love that line the most. And thank you for your two recent comments on my website, which I just found today. I’m often very slow to look for new comments. You have a great feeling for the natural world.

  4. I just read the rest of your comment, which didn’t show before. Thank you for listing me, and I’d love to participate, but 18 poets in a week is a lot for me to do. I don’t have my own computer and rely on libraries, so my time is very limited. But I’ll think about it for the future and see if I can set aside a different week. I’ll let you know, if you still want to list me at some point.

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