C Is 4 Constant

C Is For C-O-N-S-T-A-N-T, CONSTANT, which can be applied as an adjective or a noun.

Examples of applications:

#1: Billy is a constant believer of capitalism,

#2: Trisha is a constant supporter of all blogging friends.

#3: Poets in Thursday Poets Rally have made constant growth of creativity and productivity.

#4: Given Y=2X+5, we have X and Y as variables, and 5 as a constant.

If Given Y=0X+5=5, then X is a trivial variable, and Y is a constant with its value equal to 5.

Please let me know if you have trouble with the math example. Many Thanks!


This is an entry for

ABC Wednesday,ย C is 4 Constant!

28 thoughts on “C Is 4 Constant

  1. Love your banner, so soft and so inviting…”Now as for the Math? Um…totally went right over my head being that was always a poor subject for me in school many many many moons ago.

    Nice word though for the ABC Art Project for Constant. I too is part of the ABC.

  2. Unique post. My inner voice was going tra la la oh nice language examples, and then – Noooo – maths.

    Joy – ABC Wednesday Team

  3. This is such a fun and informative post. I am still giggling about it AND I am intrigued about the poetry on Thursday? I am not familiar with that so I believe I must google it.

    And thank you, so much, for visiting my ABC Wednesday post. It is only my third week and sometimes it feels daunting to get to know people…

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