The Celebrate Blogger Awards Plus Prayers 4 Viola

The Celebrate Blogger of June in Food/Cooking Award has the following winners:

Amanda, Artswebshow (Each 6 votes)

Michelle ( 5 votes)

Jamie Dedes (4 votes)

Amy at keeping up the.., Amy at Buen Provecho, The Only Cin (3 votes)

Barbara (2 votes)

The Celebrate Blogger of June in Food/Cooking Honorable mention Award has the following winners:

Supagran, Hoiden, Colleen, Tandy, Koek, Willow, Opinions and Rectums (each 1 vote)

The Celebrate Blogger of June in Humor Award has the following winners:

Doraz (11 votes)

Suzi (6 votes)

Wordwand (5 votes)

Shelia, G-man, Ibok, (Each 4 votes)

Comedy Plus, Shakira, Artswebshow, Trisha, Jannie Funster,  Jingle (Each 3 votes)

William, Thom, Sunny, Starla, Mama Zen, Secret Agent Woman, Dom*, Ishabelle, Pink Lady, Bananaz, Kathy (Each 2 votes)

The Celebrate Blogger of June in Humor Honorable Mention Award has the following winners:

Sandra, Megzone, Dennis, Laughing Hard, Insights and Belly Laughs, Beyond the Blog, Redgodenchilc, Halkpint, Nrhatchm, Robiin, Realiverman (1 vote)

The Celebrate Blogger of June in Art/Painting Award has the following winners:

Artswebshow (5 votes)

Trisha, Adam, Poet Traveler (Each 4 votes)

Nicole, Suznne, Joanny, Desiree, Jingle, JP, (Each 3 votes)

Jannie Funster, Feltlikeknitting, Lynn, Liz (Morganna), Heartspell, Dennis, Jamie Dedes, Amy at Keeping up the Schzule…, Noha, Fuck Yeah (Each 2 votes)

The Celebrate Blogger of June in Art/Painting Honorable Mention Award has the following winners:

Gally, Wordwand, Soul Intention, Pat, Celebrating A Year, Megzone, Raj, Grandawl, Ilovepink, Artbythomas, Shakira,  C It My Way, Gaurav Sharma, Dancing Fresk, Redness, Ana, Leslie, Ciela Azul Jewelry (Each 1 vote)

The Celebrate Blogger of June in Short Stories Award has the following winners:

Suzi (13 votes)

Hoiden, Kavita (11 votes)

Amanda, Trisha, William, Jingle (Each 10 votes)

Doraz, Fiveloaf, Ibok, Viola, (Each 9 votes)

Heartspell (8 votes)

Wordwand, Ishabelle, A Poem A Day, Poet Traveler, (7 votes)

Joanny, Megzone, Jessicas Japes, Collin, Sandra, Tracy, Dancingfreak, Rhythm of the soul (Each 6 votes)

C It My Way, Tim, Unexpectedintelltual, Celebrating A Year, D. S. Lear, Desiree, Artwebshow, Adam, Jamie Dedes, Pamela, Alan (Each 5 votes)

The Celebrate Blogger of June in Short Stories Runner-up Award has the following winners:

Edimio, Raj, Pinkjlady, J-star, G-man, Shoelessboywonder, Reedsss, Gally, Shakira (Each 4 votes)

Geardine, Patti, Mr. Stupid,, A New Day, Suzanne, Oscar, Kelly, Dismondsanddogs, Droagonsandgoosebumps, Claudia, Imagina, A Mother’s Tale, Sheri, Sweetanglenna, Passionate Fiction, Willow, Twinkle Twinkle (Each 3 votes)

Beyond the blog, Moondustwriter, Moe, Pete, Ms. Peachers, Maha, Marya, Lua, Robert cupcake poetry, The Only Cin, Betweenhearts75’s Blog, Blissbait, Adventure of a sober women, Commedy Plus, The Scented Statutory, Mirela, Creativity, Jannie Funster, Soul Intention, Anummunaf, JP, Oink, Kuhpinights, Art is my religion (Each 2 votes)

The Celebrate Blogger of June in Short Stories honorable Mention Award has the following winners:

Dee, the walking man, when I was your age, Tara, Viddhi, one day at a time, creativity, Steveroni, Jade, Direkt, The Q. M,  girlfrom the Inn, Ms. Ott, Comfort Spiral, Shankha, The Guilding friends, unknown Mami, The BlaBla Blog, Creative Lee, View from the side, Beyond the years, Adeeyoyo, Let’s not go there, whateverfacotr, Newattitude, Colonialist, Tokeloshe, Everything and Nothing, Griginalnoomment’s Blog, Uphillwriting, Sonu, aardvarkin, De waal, Martin, Hootin’ Ann, Heartspeak, Val, Dewaldus’ Blog, BFG, Opoetoo’s Blog, Ever, Mid-thirty Misfit, Kimberly, Journojen, Lyndatjie’s Blog, susie (Each 1 vote)


As for short stories, to be fair, we have 36 winners, 50 runner-ups, and more than 40 honorable mentions

Thanks a lot for your participation, voting, and commenting…

Today, Rhythm of the soul has given me FRIENDSHIP awards,

Thanks for thinking of me, I take two of them and share here with everyone here, xxx.

you are amazing friend award

Friendship award


Family Is Special Award From Jingle

Fresh Flowers 4 U from Jingle

Thus, please feel free to take  awards you win, plus 4 general awards with you and share with your friends!

Well, life is full of tragedy and at times, we lose the one we love regardless how hard we try, this has happened today to

Viola, a poetry friend we all love and respect so much, she has been visiting and commenting for poets in the past few months and her contribution is invaluable for us. Jingle has enjoyed her friendship and comments very much.  I am sorry to tell you that her loving husband, Larry has passed away Sunday afternoon, what a sad news…

Please take a few minutes and visit viola to give her the comfort and support she deserves!


From Jingle 2 Viola

Peace and Love, From Jingle 2 Viola

You Are In Our Thoughts, From Jingle 2 Viola.

prayers for another friend who has passed away a few days ago,

Opinions and Rectums:

This blogging friend has passed away, I was shocked to find out today and he was nominated for Food award


The Celebrate Blogger of June Award Nomination Notice:

70 thoughts on “The Celebrate Blogger Awards Plus Prayers 4 Viola

  1. Oh wow, lovely awards! I missed lots while I was on vacation! Is there a cooking post ot meme going on? Cool if it is…love to cook and really love to eat!!!! tahnks for spreading the news about Viola’s husband. I’m going over to leaver her a message. You are such a good and caring person, Jingle. Thank you for always keeping us lifted up and inspiring us.

    1. no cooking meme,
      but as you see, those people keep posting foods, which entertain us, you can post some of your favorite ones later to share…

  2. congrats to everyojne—i want to partake in more of this here and with everyone elses poetry, writing, arts—my life is such shambles at the moment and once i get it all straightened out i will definately partake more—blessings to you all and great writing, sharing to everyone

  3. Thanks so much Ji, I am always so very proud and honored and am so very sad about Viola’s husband and will go visit there right now!! Thanks for keeping this community so uplifting and all that you do for us ….blessings to every single one here….AND MOSTLY TO YOU JINGLE!!! Thanks again and much love xxxx

  4. Thank you Jingle for always being so kind, stopping by my blog with kind inspirational words, awards, and information….

    Many congrats to all the winners of the awards, and my condolences to Viola & family. I had not yet had the chance to meet… ~April

  5. Congratulations foe every winners, i think i missed the vote 😦
    thank you for letting us know about Viola, Ji, will be there shortly…

  6. i am saddened to hear about viola’s husband’s passing. this is indeed a very sad day for all of us.

    ji, thanks for the awards. i can’t believe i won, not one but 2! wow!!! thanks so much dear and to everyone who believed in and voted for me! {{{hugsss}}}

    i will try to catch up soon. i have toxic schedule till end of the month. hopefully things will get better for me by september.

  7. I am very sorry to hear about Viola’s husband… I had never realized it was this bad… Reality daws when something actually occurs, doesn’t it?! 😦 I will leave a message on her site too (although I have no words really .. 😦 ) Thank you for letting us know about this, Jingle.. You are very kind and thoughtful… and a very dear friend

    Thank you also for the lovely awards… It’s an honor… and I am very grateful to you and all my readers and fellow writers for cheering me on! Without you all, it’s quite meaningless! So once again, my deepest and sincerest thanks to each and every one of you!

  8. I wish to thank you Jingle…and all of my great blogging friends…for voting for me. I am sooo honored and soooo appreciate your kindness.

    I left a message for Viola.
    Thank you for letting me know of her loss.

    I hope you have a great week with your family.

  9. Thank you so much for the awards Jingle- you made my day 🙂
    And my condolences to Viola- my thoughts and prayers are with her.

  10. Ji, how wonderful of you to include an update on Viola and her husband. I did stop by her blog.

    Congratulations to all the winners. I’m honored to be included and appreciate everyones work . . . with special appreciation and kudos to our dear, Jingle! 🙂

    Thank you!

    1. Also, I did a post on the cooking award and included links to the other recipients, but I couldn’t find links to Barbara and Michelle . . . Help! Thanks!

        1. Thanks, Jingle, for the added info. You’re awesome. Thanks to everyone who voted for me . . . and to all who participated . . . and to Jingle – you’re the best . . . and I will follow-up on the other awards shortly.

          Happy days to all . . .

  11. thanks jingle and all of you who honoured me by mentioning my name. you all (each and every participant) are adorable sweet angels.

    best of luck!

  12. dear jingle.
    i hope larry’s soul rests in peace. all my love and prayers are with viola and her family. may God bless her with peace and courage to come over the loss.

    God bless her.

    thanks for sharing the grief with all of us. i am so inactive on net these days i would have missed it.

    may the soul of our other blogging friend rest in peace too.

    lots of love.

  13. Thank you for the award. Congratulations to all the other winners. You have amazing blogs!

    I am so sorry for Viola’s loss and I left her a message.

  14. I love your site, Jingle. Thanks again for your visits and the fresh flowers! I am sorry that I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Viola but I know that we will meet one day. To her family and friends, I am so sorry for your loss.

  15. thank u jingle for ur awards..Thank u everyone who voted for me:)
    to jingle…i was shocked wen i read it…i’m sorry abt viola’s loss…n that i dint have the pleasure of meeting Richard….my prayers for them n their family

  16. no obligations to meet any of the two friends.

    the later one used to follow me on my blogger account, he visited my wordpress a few times once he knew I host Thursday Poets Rally, and truly encouraged me to host my own meme….
    be easy,
    have a fun Monday!

    thanks for the comments, thank you for voting for me.

  17. Thanks Jingle,
    I will be away for a day or two will try and get caught up with awards, thanks for all who voted for me too,. sorry to learn of Viola’s loss.


  18. Oh thank you Jingle! You are so sweet, you stir so much happiness in the blogosphere. 🙂 Happy Monday to you!

    Off to give condolences to Viola.

  19. Thank you for the Short Story award. I’m grateful for the votes i received.

    I was sorry to hear of Viola’s loss. This has been a sad week in the blogoshere.

  20. Dear Jingle, thank you for passing the sad news along on to us. My prayers and thoughts are with them and the families in this time of need. Peace to Viola, good memories and lots of hugs and love.
    Thank you to all who were so sweet to nominate me for awards. I appreciate your kindness more than you know. Congratulations to all of you who have received awards…It is an hoor to be among such amazing talent.
    Lastly, thank you Jingle for your heart and your passion in thinking of others and in giving these awards. You are the best! Heartspell

  21. I must apologise, Jingle, to both you and Viola. I totally misunderstood your message yesterday. Please convey my sympathies to Viola, her family and friends on their sad loss. May God bless and comfort them.

  22. this was very kind of you ji, viola emailled me today, they are all mourning a much loved father and husband, she appreciates everyones support xx

  23. Congratulations to all!

    There are some great blogs, I know a few already and they are well deserved.
    Very well done!

    Thank you very much for the honorable Mention, it was a lovely surprise.

    My sympathy to Viola’s family and friends.

  24. Thank you Jingle for those beautiful awards.. I’m so lucky to have them.. so honored..

    My prayers are with Viola and her family.. May God rest her husband’s soul in peace.. Amen!

  25. Thanks Jingle for the awards and congrats to all and my condolences go for Viola and her family…may her husband find easy transition into God’s hand..AUM(+)

  26. Congrats to everyone, to all. 🙂

    My continue prayers for Viola and family.

    And thanks Jingle for taking the time to do things like this. 🙂

    You deserve a lot of warranted praise.

  27. Hey there Jingle 🙂 can you plz tell me a little about this award giving , collecting thing , how to vote for different bloggers and different awards , how to join and related stuff 🙂 Thank you

    1. for the awards in this post,

      you win by votes,
      thus simply take them,
      display in your sidebar or post an award post saying that you win these awards.

      well, friendship awards can be shared, simply right click on the image, save the image as, and insert the images to your post, tell people who give it to you, to whom you wish to share by mentioning their blog names, or real names, or links…have fun!

  28. Beautiful awards Jingle. I would like to thank everyone for the prayers they said for me and my family. I am still finding it hard to adjust not having Larry with me. I keep thinking that he is going to ask me to rub his shoulders and arms down with BenGay. It is the little things that I find hard to accept. Anyways, I may not be back full time for awhile but I will do what I can right now. I do have to go back to work, there is no way getting around it. Thanks to you all for all your love and kindness, you will never know how much it means to me.

    Love Viola

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