Talents Differ (A Fable 4 Blue Monday)

A sparrow

And a squirrel

Had a quarrel,

They call each other names

Attempting to ruin the other party’s fames.

“You shall be able to fly.”

Challenged the sparrow.

“You shall be able to crack nuts.”

Responded the squirrel.

Back and forth,

Furies are laid,

Efforts are made,

The costs are paid,

And the frustration is stayed.

“You are doubtlessly very nimble,

But you lack wings.”

Signed the sparrow.

“You are gracefully admirable,

but you have no teeth.”

Answered the squirrel.

And it is a disgrace

2 force you to occupy my place.

Talents differ,

No one is better.”

Thought both the sparrow and the squirrel.

And they smiled to halt their quarrel.

Respect is obtained,

Friendships are maintained,

Humanity is earned,

As lessons are learned.

*****The End*****

This poem is entered  4 Poets UnitedPoetry Pantry

Blue Monday

39 thoughts on “Talents Differ (A Fable 4 Blue Monday)

  1. This is 5 star Poetry. I love the message and the analogy. You did perfectly well in this.
    My second best from you after “The voice of the Pencils”. Write on!


  2. Friendships are maintained, Humanity is earned,As lessons are learned….wow Ji, this is awesome poetry. You have given us a wonderful message in this. Thanks so much…a very good way to start my Tuesday!! Hugs xx

  3. This was a FANTASTIC lesson, Jingle! REALLY AWESOME!
    When I have kids, and if they fight, I am gonna recite this poem to them! I loved it!!!
    Such a beautiful message her… I am really awed!!! Respect each other for who they are, and learn to accept the differences too…
    I wish we could all be as sensible as the squirrel and the sparrow… small spats happen, the main thing is to get past those…
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful words, Jingle… You really are a fresh cool breeze here.. 🙂
    Stay thus, friend..

  4. A wonderful short story. Everyone of us is born with different talents.

    “Each person is born with a calling. It is your task to discover what that calling is and find a way to make that calling a reality.” – Lucy MacDonald

  5. Awesome poem… So simple and yet meaningful… The differences should be accepted and used for complimenting… The world would be a friendlier place….:D

  6. Oh. I’ve witnessed many a squabble twixt squirrels and various types of birds in my time. But I’m ye olde crone. I’ve had a lot of time to watch animals.

  7. LOL–two of my favorite creatures! Ah sparrows bathing in dust are great.
    As for squirrels–well if you’re inclined search my pantry for “Mugged by a squirrel for a plum” and you’ll get a fuller picture of my appreciation for the little terrorists.

  8. Very nice poem. And what a novel sentiment. Unfortunately, most of the constituents of both sides of the two major parties that I know are as far apart from shaking hands and becoming friends as are Glenn Beck and Nancy Pallosie.

    My personal belief is that all those on both sides are being used as a diversion. While all the attention is averted to the “Bread and Circus” differing opinions, and irate finger pointing, and mud slinging of the general puppets; the puppet masters who are really in charge over even those who are supposed to have been elected to the top…are swinging the only real vote that matters…their way.

    Of course that’s just my opinion, and others can disagree, but, I wouldn’t debate it with them…everyone is entitled to my opinion, right? lol

    Those who are really in charge in my opinion are those governed by the golden rule. That golden rule of course stipulating that : “He with all the Gold makes all the rules”.

    Keep up the great work…love it
    God Bless you

  9. simply fantastic poem. so very wise and true. its true. we all are different and thats why the world is so interesting, we should respect this truth.

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