It Depends On Concrete Situation Of Yours

While people struggle to gain power,
They also taste bitterness, both sweet and sour.
When plants are abused by showers,
The Garden can barely bear any flowers.
Before it is too late,
I must apply my spade and rake,
And do whatever it will take,
To restore order for goodness’ sake.
I turn the soil loose and flat,
I sow fresh seeds out,
Not sure what I will get,
But keep trying is what life is all about.
The soil may be irrigated by tides,
A virus may eat the heart out of my sides.
I don’t know what type of plant survives
As time and nature sluice away our lives.
Solutions are sought 2 solve problems,
Keys are applied to unlock doors.
How a key fits into a key hole to do wonders,
It depends on concrete situations of yours.


This is an entry 4 Magpie Tale hosted by Willow at magpie tale
Happy Reading!
Happy Creative Writing!

16 thoughts on “It Depends On Concrete Situation Of Yours

  1. you must be a nature lover jingle. i love plants too, though i barely know how to make them grow. the first stanza is truly great, it introduce the poem in such a reflective manner. great poem.

  2. We do have to be ready when we open those doors in life. Nice post Jingle. Hope you have a wonderful week and hope you summer is going well. 🙂

  3. A lovely and inspiring Magpie, Jingle!
    You deliver it beautifully!!!
    Excellent rhymes and a coooool wordplay…. very impressive, Ji!!!

  4. A beautiful array of words ji xxxx

    I need to inform you that sadly Violas husband passed away today at 3.34, please let all her friends know as I am too upset to individually go around them xx

  5. jingle – i love your “nevertheless” poem – a celebration of bold “gardening” – sowing seeds, not knowing what will become – but heading forward
    Martin Luther once said: if i knew that tomorrow the world would stop to exist – i would plant a tree today!

  6. A wonderful idea Jingle with some excellent rhymne. I especially like the following words:
    “Not sure what I will get,
    But keep trying is what life is all about”

    Regardless of the not knowing, we should give life the best we can…

    Have a great day! Chloe 😀 xx

  7. Beautiful rhyme and classic stanza structure! Very well crafted, thank you for writing this… my heart swells with joy… 🙂

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