55-The Rings of The Phone

Just like the ripples of water
When throwing in a stone,
The rings of the phone
make stirring sound.
Lan’s heart beats
As she gives her puppy some treats
The phone keeps ringing,
“Woof, woof,”
Boots barks, waiting,
Lan scoops her up,
“Hello, what’s up?”
What does she hear?
U tell me, dear!

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What Is This Life, That Is Full of Care

What is this life, that is full of care,

You find no time to double a dare.

No time to whine about your misfortune,

No time to dine in a ruined garden.

No time to pollute the river you pass,

No time to stare at the shadow on the grass.

No time to ponder at the night owl’s glance,

And watch her glide in perfect balance.

No time to wait and believe you can,

and stretch your arms when the fun began.

What is this life, that’s full of care,

You find no time to double a dare.

A sad life this is, if full of care,

You find no time to relax in a chair.


This poem is written for Thursday Poets Rally week 25.

Everyone who writes poetry and has a blog is welcome to attend, Jingle will not specifically notify previous participants, no obligation, Happy Thursday 2 You all!

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Young at heart


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Magpie Tale-One Thousand Candles

This is a post for Magpie Tale (Fire) hosted by Willow at magpie tale

It has been a while I write a short story…Here it goes!

I Value Your Input and Wishing You All A Very Enjoyable Tuesday Ahead!


Zach is an oilman, strictly speaking, he is the President of a large oil company. He and his wife Mary share four beautiful children together, with the kids’ age at 15, 12, 10, and 5. The family has two fancy houses, one is near the ocean, one is on top of a hill…They spend most of their time in their mountain house.

Ever since a fire has occurred in their house, sadness settles in and begins to haunt the entire family. Because during the fire, Mary has lost her vision. She is 45 years old, the world is dark to her all of a sudden, and she thought she has lost everything.

Mary is terrified. She has no more confidence in herself, she trusts no one. She would scream nervously at her nanny, yell at her husband, and push everyone who comes near her…The once peaceful and lovely household is in chaotic now.

Zach is a good man. He loves his wife, and understands what Mary has been through. He instantly makes arrangement so that he works at his home office mostly, goes out only if he has important clients coming to see him.

Zach wanted to scream too, but he is a man, his family needs his strength and wisdom now. He would do anything or everything to keep the family as a whole. Because Mary is his true love: when Zach was a young lad and full of doubts and uncertainty, it was MARY who held faith in him and encouraged him to start his own business…Zach grew up in a remote countryside village, Mary grew up in an upper class family, Zach has extraordinary talents in all subject matters, especially in public relations, while Mary has the fairest look and the kindest heart. Her strength is that she adores everyone, regardless their gender, race, background.

It is Mary’s love that has tamed, molded, and accomplished Zach, who is now a successful and well rounded gentleman. Just because of this, Zach is determined to continue his love 4 Mary, and make sure she understands and feels it.

Every day when the sun is set, Zach would light up one thousand candles on a special table in Mary’s room, then he would sit next to Mary and pray…At first, Mary could not stay still, she would try to run across the room and bump herself onto the table, and fall, Zach always there to take her into his strong arms and hold her tight to calm her down…

Words of love fly and circle their room every evening from Zach’s heart. He believes his instincts, he has faith that Mary will go back to him, love him the way she used to be, and be able to “see” the beauty of the world again…

Persistence does pay off, slowly, Mary calms down, she would remain calm while Zach prays, later, the whole family of six will stay a minimum one hour in Mary’s room, with one thousand candles burning, they pray together for peace, love, blessings, and forgiveness of their sins. It has become a both romantic and fun time to the kids.

Three months have passed.

Then one day, Zach has caught a flu and he could not help coughing during their praying time. How anxious Mary feels at this moment. She wants to help her husband, thus she gives orders to the oldest kid to help Zach lie down in bed, then she asks the nanny to call their family doctor to come in…

While they are waiting for the doctor’s arrival, Mary kneels down on floor and closes her eyes, she prays for Zach, so sincerely and wholeheartedly, …

After about 15 minutes, she opens her eyes, and she starts to scream, then laugh…She sees the one thousand candles in front of her, and she sees her kids’ cute faces staring at her anxiously and curiously…

“I Can See Now.”

The announcement flies at the moment their family doctor steps into the room. Zach jumps out of his bed and together, the family of six hold one another in their arms and cries in joy…

When they eventually calm down, the doctor give a check to both Zach and Mary, Mary is fully recovered, Zach’s cough is no big deal, and their life will go back to the way it is before the fire in No time….

***The End!***

Blue Math

A Math Problem 2 Solve:

Question: A city bank pays interest on savings at a rate of 4% per year. If a student has

$6, 700 deposit, what is the interest earned after a year? How much is left in the bank

after three years?

Hint: rate=4%=0.04, principal=$6, 700,

Formulas: One Year Interest=rate x principal=___ x______=_______

Three Year Interest=rateprincipal x time=___ x ____ x ____=_______

Money is the bank after 3 years=Principal + Three Year Interest=___ +__=___

Good Luck!  😉 😉 🙂

Blue Monday

And Alphabe-Thursday (Blue) at:


Have Fun With Fish

love u, fish.

It Could Be Wrong 2 follow the Crowd.


I Am Guilty.

Come on, Buggy.

Different Living Spaces

Dinner Is Yummy.

E Fish Bubble Fun

Fish Kiss

Not A Catfish, But A Fish Cat

Help, Get Me Out of Here!

Here U Go, Kitty!

I Am A fish On Diet!

Help Me Survive, Please!

Join Us, We R Tweeting On Tweeter.



has been hosting a meme called “Hooray for Saturday”!

Please Join The FREE Fun!

Happy Sunday!

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On My Way Back Home

The setting sun is turning

From white, yellow to sea-rose red,

As folks living in Eastern world

R still snuggling in bed.

I have amplified my strength

Three hundred times,

I have wished 2 be as novel as spring water

With No plotted crimes.

Over the past decades,

I have been holding my breath, appearing clever,

Now, I let go of my world

So that it rolls down the hill into the river.

On my way back home,

My attention waxes and wanes no more,

Follow the path from one to another,

I let the unsubscribed nature decorate my door.


Return to the nature and be one in the universe is kind of reunion 2 me.

This is an entry 4 (Reunion) Writer’s Island

I also enter this piece for Monday Poetry Train Revisited:


Happy Saturday!

😉 😉 😉

To Stop Procrastination

I will do it to-morrow,

U tell yourself again and again.

Then U simply let it undone,

And tell yourself a lie.

U enjoy such wicked fun,

Yes, U can fool yourself,

What about the impacts on others?

U can forgive yourself,

What if the people involved are your brothers?

U shall not cry

when U lose your friends,

U shall know why

When friendships suddenly ends.

To stop yourself from getting further frustrated,

U must have your attention concentrated.

T-morrow I will live,

Only the fools will say.

Today is too late,

That’s the wise’s way

Because they have lived yesterday.

To stop


Please take action

To work on your tasks immediately,

Live your life independently.

Got Pinked, An Award To Pass…

One Lovely Blog Award

Award from Rhythmofmysoul:


Award from Kavita:


Award from Heartspell:


Beautiful, Talented, and Loving poets, Kavita, Ilakya Spandhanaa,  and heartspell, you guys are amazing!

Jingle thanks you for your shining spirits, unbeatable wisdom, and remarkable talent in poetry, or writing…Way 2 Go. Jingle is humbled and seriously accept the award, xxx

Please feel free to visit

Kavita, heartspell, and Ilakya Spandhanaa   !

Rules to Accept the Award:

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Seven (7) things about Jingle:

  1. I prefer to hand wash dishes.
  2. I used to knit socks, mittens, sweaters, and more while in college.
  3. I prefer to drive and sightseeing the nature when I take family vacations.
  4. I love reading ever since I was seven years old.
  5. I like pizza.
  6. I barely watch TV nowadays.
  7. I was afraid of sing while I was in middle school because I thought that my voice is ugly.

Jingle passes the award to the following friends, I have to double the number due to the fact that I am nominated by two, now three friends.







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NicoleB, Egypt

Eaton Bennett


NOW, Jingle offers the following two awards for


Ilakya Spandhanaa




and 4 EVERYONE who is this community and wishes to have them….cheers!

Rules of AcceptanceSimply pass to 1-10 friends that touch your life deeply via blogging.

Your Comments Are My Sunshine Award by Jingle

Nature Is My Teacher Award by Jingle