Yesterday I Took A Wrong Turn

I took a wrong turn
and ended up on a cliff;
I plan my path before I start,
I want to be smart
and accomplish things with firm belief.


I’ll bury all of the sorrows
and let go of errors,
I’ll know when to stop
and orchestra my way to the top.


55 is hosted by  G-man

Family Fridays is co-hosted by Amy and Lori at Peterson~St. Louis And Keeping up with the Schultz Family Happy Birthday To  Alyce’s Grandpa today!

Happy Birthday Wishes from Jingle

Poetry Potluck (Journey and the Road ahead) hosted by Amanda/Kavita

Every poet is invited and welcome to Join Jingle Poetry Monday Potluck Week 17,

We are open 8pm, American Central  tonight, old poems or poems unrelated to our theme are all welcome!

30 thoughts on “Yesterday I Took A Wrong Turn

  1. 55 words and you took me from wanting to end-it-all at the top of a cliff, to turning it and everything around, towards living consciously and on purpose, to a promise that the clff still stands and waits for when you know youre done and ready. That’s quite a journey in 55!! And all with a celebration on Amy’s Dad’s birthday… Nice One, jingle.
    Glad to meet you.

  2. A lovely 55 Ji !! Luv ya!!!
    You have the best words for all… awesome!!
    Have a great weekend!

    Best wishes to Amy’s family as well… 😀

  3. oh jingle – I love this one – this is so beautiful – and so wise words
    …and orchestra my way to the top…is my favorite line…so go on – i’ll play along your way to the top with my sax..
    You rock!

  4. thank-you for stopping by my blog… yours seems uplifting and motivating! 🙂 and it seems you put a lot of work into it! … i love all the layers you have in it~

  5. Hi Jingle, this is nice, you are so talented. thanks…..I posted the latest awards that I thing you gave me at the end of my last post, you are the best……..thank you so much,alan

  6. Just beautiful Jingle. I love the message of hope and purpose. Even if we make mistakes, take a wrong turn, we can move forward with planning and succeed. Thank you Jingle. I think I needed this message today 🙂

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