Yesterday I Took A Wrong Turn

I took a wrong turn
and ended up on a cliff;
I plan my path before I start,
I want to be smart
and accomplish things with firm belief.


I’ll bury all of the sorrows
and let go of errors,
I’ll know when to stop
and orchestra my way to the top.


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Red Is Hot, Red Is Cool!

Red is the color of your heart,

You shall never allow it to fall apart.

Red is the color of your blood,

Keep it alive, no bloody flood.

Red is the color of roses ,

Red is the love one chooses.

Playing with red with wit and be cool,

The magic of the game shall please U.

Red happiness entertains your soul,

Worshiping it makes life whole.

Red marks could make a stir,

Stop your car when the traffic light turns red.

Red love shall make U feel good,

Red shoes shall give U cheery mood.

Apply red aptly,

Feeling proud,

Handle red wisely,

Give it a shout out.

Red is hot,

Red is cool,

Like it or not,

It is up to U!

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