Beach Is A Great Place 2 Explore

My name is Pitten.

My age is seven.

I love collecting seashells on the shore,

I enjoy playing the sand and more.

Beach is a great place to explore,

Beach time has improved my arithmetic score.

I know how to add, subtract, and even multiply,

It is as easy as an apply pie.

1 times 7 is 7,

Add 4 years I turn eleven.

2 times 7 is 14,

That’s when I become a real teen.

3 times 7 is 21,

I love watching the rising sun.

4 times 7 is 28,

Doing math unit is simply great.

5 times 7 is 35,

I enjoy leaning how to dive.

6 times 7 is 42,

I choose an ocean over a pool.

7 times 7 is 49,

Running barefoot is so much fun.

8 times 7 is 56,

Life is full of numerical tricks.

9 times 7 is 63,

Swimming near a beach makes me feel FREE.

My name is Pitten,

My age is 7,

I love collecting seashells on the shore,

I enjoy playing the sand and more.

Beach is a great place to explore,

Beach time has improved my arithmetic score…


This is an entry for

ABC WednesdayB is 4 BEACH!

This is also an entry 4 Poetry Pantry

and 4 Monday’s Child

Math is NOT that hard to learn if one makes it fun and relaxing…I hope that you enjoy reading this!

Happy Thursday!

U Rock!

😉  😉   😉

36 thoughts on “Beach Is A Great Place 2 Explore

  1. This was plain SWEET!!! A lovely way to teach math to a kid… I will remember this one… A lovely lovely fun poem!!!
    Ahh.. beaches… (sigh)…

      1. I have math post every Monday when I started this blog,
        later I stopped..
        It is part of my plan,
        it is not that hard to do it…
        As you know,
        I used to teach my own kids math at home,
        I taught math for 6 years at college level…

        1. ahaaa… that explains it!!! 🙂
          Excellent, Ji!! Everytime I learn something more about you, I have more and more respect for you 🙂
          I love math too… i remember writing a post a coupla years back, on some discovery I had made in math (according to me ofcourse :))
          Great going, Jingle!!!

    1. Great post Jingle, Little Pitten is a smart little girl she is learning a lot about life exploring the beach…thank you for your loyalty to Monday’s Child…blessings..bkm

  2. Ah math >.< kills my brain during high school, now is programming related to calculations that is killing me. Anyways this is a very fun poem and i like the rhyme of it. Thank for sharing Jingle:P

  3. This has brought a BIG smile on my face – it’s so great and SOoooo much fun. It also has a deeper message of aging…and how the same little girl still appreciates the beach and all things related, even when she’s older, albeit different things at different stages of her life.

    Awesome! Thanks 😀 xx

  4. I love beaches more than anything in the world so I related to this poem greatly. Love the math/age device and especially how you come home full circle to being that same Self. Such is the journey:) I enjoyed this – good work.

  5. That was really cute. I loved it. Well done and amazing that you were able to keep three different challenges/prompts in mind as you wrote. I really enjoyed reading yopur entry and think I might remember my 7’s better now. 🙂

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