Magpie Tale-Thoughts Do Have Wings

Magpie Tales

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Getting out of bed

With an aching head,

She decides to write

Something bright

Based on Willow’s Guild.

Yet, all through the night,

Nothing comes out alright.

Biting her lips tight,

She continues to fight

About what might

Fit the given prompt right.

She desires something white,

Something light,

Somethings quite


Or something related to plight

or diet…

A kitten’s purr

makes a stir,

She opens her door

And starts to explore;

Twilight is in the air,

Muses hit her,

No more feelings of despair,

She takes a deep breath

And grins-

Thoughts do have wings

When one opens up to many things.

Magpie Tale Prompt #24

38 thoughts on “Magpie Tale-Thoughts Do Have Wings

  1. BRILLIANT!!!!! Thoughts do have wings indeed!!! They come and go in seconds… don’t stay when you really want them to! ๐Ÿ™‚
    This was toooo good a poem, and I could totally relate to it! Sometimes, you really wanna write something, and never quite understand what to write about!

  2. thoughts do have wings Jingle…nice magpie…my thought are flying…blessings..bkm

  3. “Yet, all through the night,
    Nothing comes out alright.
    Biting her lips tight,
    She continues to fight”
    Oh I know how she feels… ๐Ÿ™‚
    Such a lovely poem Jingle and beautiful words- this can be a song, I can hear the melody in my head!

  4. Do you know Mr Hermithaven? Somehow your poem reminded me of him ;-). he stopped by my blog once, we fought, or well, I sharpened my claws on his neck, then he added me to his blogroll and we haven’t talked since :-)))) But his writing is cool:
    Have fun! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. so clever, and such rhyme! this piece really flows, and captures all too well the frustration of the muse-less writer, as well as the ecstasy of inspiration.

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