55-The Rings of The Phone

Just like the ripples of water
When throwing in a stone,
The rings of the phone
make stirring sound.
Lan’s heart beats
As she gives her puppy some treats
The phone keeps ringing,
“Woof, woof,”
Boots barks, waiting,
Lan scoops her up,
“Hello, what’s up?”
What does she hear?
U tell me, dear!

Write a short story that is a fiction in 55 words and notify G-man at

G-man Happy Friday, Happy Flash Fiction Writing!

I used web tool to count my writing which is exactly 55 words… WORDCALCULATOR

22 thoughts on “55-The Rings of The Phone

  1. This was absolutely adorable!!! hehehe
    Lovely images formed in my head.. 🙂 and cute baby voices cooed in my ears…
    A very sweet 55!!! Perfect for a Friday!!!

  2. Love the comparisons with the ripples and the ringing. The poem brought a lot of good images….what did she hear? I can only guess.

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