Thursday Poets Rally Week 25 (July 22-July 28)

Hello, Everyone! How Are You Today?

Welcome to Thursdays Poets’ Rally week 25.

Week 25 Participation Awards:

Three poetry Awards:

The Most Enchanting Poet Award

The Most Amiable Poet Award

The Most Powerful Poet Award

will be assigned to participants by Jingle on or by Sunday. Have fun!

Jingle strongly suggest that you explore 18 fresh poets to meet the requirement,

And visit all participants to get more feedback of your own work.

Some Prerequisite Before Counting You In:

Week 25 participants: if you are the FIRST Time participant, please visit the following link to comment and sign an agreement first:

Previous participants or Week 24 :As long as your poem is for Poets Rally 25 only, you are free to comment by leaving a link to your entry under this post.

If anyone wants to withdraw from the Rally, then you shall feel free to do so by commenting under the post, say,” I withdraw”, once you are OUT, you may never come back to our Rally, because your conduct will NOT be monitored once you withdraw, and Poets Rally has NIL responsibility with what you do after you are out.

PS: As a previous participants, if for some reason, you could NOT attend the Rally this week, then do nothing, come back next time when you are ready…

Week 25 Participants:

Week 24 the perfect poet award winners are automatically linked in: (Some of you have involved in more than one memes, thus I MUST find a link that is neutral to represent you, thanks for the understanding!)

Chocolate High:

Jannie Funster: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

The World From Hopeless PV:

The Amrita Connection: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Michael Patton:

Unexpectedintellectual:  (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Rhymeandcircumstance: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Willie: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Tasha: (done, 😉 😉 ;))


The JulieBook: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Liz: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Noha: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Pages from A Dairy: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Suzi: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Robert Cupcake:, 😉 😉 :))

Rhythm of my soul: (done, 😉 😉 :))

Keshav: (done, 😉 😉 :))

Seth: (done, 😉 😉 :))

Tracy: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

All Is Continuity: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Living On Planet Earth: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Art of Starving: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Weightless: (done, 😉 😉 :))

Ray sharp:

Doni: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

JP: (done, 😉 😉 ;))


Aek71’s blog: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

The Pandoraz In The Box:

Deadpoet88: (done, 😉 😉 ;))



Alan: (done, 😉 😉 ;))


Trisha: (done, 😉 😉 ;))


Tracy: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Tim: (done, 😉 😉 ;))


Rhythm of My Soul: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Kavita: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Jessicas Japes: (done, 😉 😉 :))

Pages from a dairy:ttp:// (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Jamie Dedes:, 😉 😉 ;))

Gally: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

A Verse Case Scenario:

C It My Way:

Recycled heart:

The Unexpected life:

Jingle: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Imagina: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Joycie: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Poetry, Politics and P..

Patric: (done, 😉 😉 ;))


Poetry Blog: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Alan: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Kavita: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Raj: (done, 😉 😉 ;))


The 10th muse: (done, 😉 😉 :))

Splash of Expression: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Dismondsanddogs: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

I Measure My Life In Coffee Spoons: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Faery of the Winds: (done, 😉 😉 ;))


The I and The Not I: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Jamie… (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Iintrospector: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Pink Lady: (done, 😉 😉 ;))


Heartspell: (done, 😉 😉 ;))


joanny: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Rage More:

The Street Lamp: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

SK:… (done, 😉 😉 ;))

A Life Less Blog:, 😉 😉 ;))


Gally: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Peter: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Amanda: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Sparrowsong: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Hoiden: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Fiveloaf: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Reedesss: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Jessicas Japes: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Soul Intention:

Dead butterfly Betrayal: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Dancing Freak: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Poetry Matters: (done, 😉 😉 ;))

Ibok: (done, 😉 😉 :))


Week 25 Fresh Poets to Know or Explore:

Simply Blessed:

Arrows In The Fog:

Sunlight on a wall:

Open The Veil:

Sky Rope:


Depressed Poet:

Musings of the 1introspector:

Beyond her years:


Simple Muses:



Letters on Strings:

Gunleap’s Weblog:


Rainclouds from dl:



Benjity’s Weblog:

Gillistrophic Blog:


The World from a Hopeless Romantic Point of View:

Belladonna23’s blog:

Jenka Potente’s Meandering Mind:


The I and The Not I:


Let Nature Be Your Guide:

Subtle Drops:

Dithyrambs & ditties:

The Street Lamp:

D. H. M.:

The Julie Book:

Puzzled Pieces:

Subtle Drops:

The 10th  Muse:

I Measure My Life In Coffee Spoons:


My Thoughts I Think:

The Purple Drizzle:

Living on planet earth:

Cactus Flower Poetry:

A Leaf In The Breeze:

Michael’s Deep Thoughts:

Denise Rocks:



A Poem A Day:



Reach for my pen:

Missgypsy’s Blog:

Deadly butterfly betrayals:

Whitewashed Sepulchers:

Turtle memoir:

With Reason 2 wonder:

Mental Mist:

Poetry, Politics, and Pathos:

Theseer’s 1959blog:

I Release Me:

The MotivisionLocation’s Blog:

Pages from my mind:





Revolutionary Petunia:


To take a step away from home:

All Is Continuity:

Angel of Analogy:

Amrita Connection:


Sacred Sunshine:

The Wired and The One Duffle:

Therapy Through Haiku:

I Like Haikus:

My Haiku World:


Arts of starving:

Splash of Expressions:


The Eight Seasons of Silver City:

Poems Worth Your Time:

Deep Inside My Soul:

Exploring Life:

The Garden Artist:


Welcome To My World of Poetry:


Sweet Poetry:

Bubba’s Place:

Poetry with me:

Elephant small:




David Reins:

Father of Zen and Kongfu:

Coffee at Mine:

140 thoughts on “Thursday Poets Rally Week 25 (July 22-July 28)

  1. Thanks, Ji! I will participate and look forward to reading new-to-me poets. My own post will go up on Thursday morning. Happy Rally, Ji . . . and everyone.

    1. Hi, Ji! I’ve completed more than the requisite, probably about 30 and will continue to mine the list. Very pleasant exercise. Meanwhile, I believe you need my nomination for week#25. The list you looked at on my site was #24. I won’t put us throught that again! Here is my nomination for July: DiamondsandDogs.

      Thank you, Ji. Happy Friday . . .

  2. I will be posting another poem later in the day.. Will link it in as well when I do!
    Thank you for adding me here, Jingle 🙂
    Looking forward to all renewed excitement, after this short break!!! Hurraayyy

      1. Hi Jingle,
        Here is the other poem I wish to submit for this week..
        Now, on my way to check out some of the other fresh poets..

        Thank you for your time..
        Luv n Hugs

  3. My poem’s up! A simple rondeau for this rally, as the pesky villanelle I’m laboring over refuses to be put out into the world. I’m home so will be reading y’all promptly tonight & tomorrow. Looking forward to it!

  4. dear Jingle.. Can i post my poem by friday? As i don’t have access to internet connection and a laptop until friday, i use my cell phone and my mobile network to quickly check any updates now,, thanks.

  5. To all poets:

    please have your poem written for Poets Rally only,
    your link may NOT be linked in if you mix Rally entry with a different meme,
    Someone feel like I am imprisoning you, if that is what you believe, then feel free to withdraw, I am doing this to protect Rally participation quality and avoid future disputes with other meme hosts…

    Poets Rally run 2 or 3 times each month starting September, out of 30 days each month, writing a poem for Rally only is NOT too hard, the rest of the 25 or more days in each month, you are free to attend any meme under your wish…
    Sorry for the restrictions.

  6. hi jingle.
    My post is up.
    I’m gonna try hit everyone on the list this week but i may not manage to comment on some of the blogspot ones.
    Commenting isn’t possible on some.
    Also about next week.
    Episode 1 of the webshow goes up on the 27th
    And will be up for a week.
    Which will prevent me from posting an entry.
    And this will happen once every month.
    Of course if there is poetry included in the show then maybe it can count, but it wont be every episode.
    So it’s likely i will be missing some rallies in the future.
    Just thought i’d let you know.
    (Naturally promoting the show and gaining popularity for it has become the primary function of the blog, lol)

  7. I think i am done as well, please tell me if I missed out anything XD, and thank you for having me in this rally, it been a honor^^, and it been great reading beautiful and amazing poem done by so many wonderful poets 😀

    And another question will be, do I have to nominate someone on the list for the three awards?:O

  8. I would like to applaud you all and wish you a fun time. You are all such wonderful writers. I am happy to be able to read some of your work. 🙂 Have fun.

  9. Hi Jingle – I’ll be participating. I’m rushing to meet a deadline, but will get my poem to you ASAP.


  10. Pingback: Space « Divisoria
  11. lot’s of great works this week. I got carried away and wasn’t able to get any work done. (don’t tell my boss)

    thanks everyone!

    It’s great to be part of the Rally.

  12. Jingle

    I stopped by all the poets on our list, at least I hoped I did not miss any one , my computer line went out for a while and lost some data, also I visited some new ones on the list.


  13. HI, Ji,
    I am in the process of visiting others, and will let you know when I am through. Also, You have my poem linked correctly above for Week 25, but just in case, here it is again:

    A Poetical Whimsy

    It is only posted on my Tim Keeton – A Writer’s Tale site, and fulfills the requirements of my being named a Perfect Poet for Week 25 of the Thursday Poets’ Rally, I also nominate Signed…..bkm as a Perfect Poet for Week 25.

    Rhyme on!

    Tim Keeton
    (Undead)Poet / Wizard / Teller-of-tales

    1. Ji,

      As promised, I have visited a whole bunch of poets (both old and new), and will continue until there are no more to read, so technically I am done.

      Rhyme on!

      Tim Keeton
      (Undead)Poet / Wizard / Teller-of-tales

  14. Hi Jingle,

    I left a note on your beautiful poem, but just to put notes in their right locations,
    I have read more than 18 of the poets, and left comments. Neat stuff. It is a learning process to read them. I look forward to reading some more. – Bill

  15. I’ve done my 18, but will visit others Saturday too. Bit confused – do I have to nominate a poet for this week 25?

  16. Hi Jingle,

    Thanks for the rally invite. I’m still pretty new to wordpress–if I reply to your comment on my page, do you get an alert about the comment? If not: I was buried in a deadline Thursday when I got your message, so I wasn’t able to get a post sorted. Can I join in next week’s rally instead? And as for visiting other poets, does that all have to happen on Thursdays or can it be throughout the week of the rally?


  17. Hi Jingle – the poem I wrote under “Perfect Poet Reward” wasn’t an entry to week 25 because I read the rules as meaning no two poets could win two weeks in a row, so thought it best that I didn’t enter until week 26. The poem which I wrote under this post was as requested by you – when you gave me the reward for week 24 you asked me to write a poem about the experience, so I did 🙂

    Hope this makes it clearer and I look forward to entering in the future.

  18. Hi Jingle! Just wanted you to know I commented on 18 new poets and will comment on more! Sorry it took so long to comment but my internet and server decided to stop working for a while. Have a great Monday!

  19. Thank you, Jingle, for including me in your list of ‘Fresh Poets to Know or Explore.’
    I appreciate this a lot. Your Thursday Poets Rally looks like a fun thing to get into.
    Time and talent are my antagonists. Both are in short supply.

  20. sorry for the late notice. hectic schedule here. i have done more than 18 but forgot to let you know, jingle. thanks for all the awards for week 25. {{{hugsss}}}

  21. Hey Jingle, I mean this little ‘scowling pumkin guy’ to the right of my name. WordPress has in the past assigned the ‘four legged purple scowling guy’ as my avatar. Neither of them portray the happy fellow I am.
    BTW, I like your header. And I am not grouching, just complaining about something you can’t do anything about and is not your fault. In other words, I am funning. 🙂

  22. Hey Jingle, I mean this little ‘scowling pumkin guy’ to the LEFT of my name. WordPress has in the past assigned the ‘four legged purple scowling guy’ as my avatar. Neither of them portray the happy fellow I am.
    BTW, I like your header. And I am not grouching, just complaining about something you can’t do anything about and is not your fault. In other words, I am funning.

  23. How-do-you-do, just needed you to know I have added your site to my Google bookmarks because of your extraordinary blog layout. But seriously, I think your site has one of the freshest theme I’ve came across. It really helps make reading your blog a lot easier.

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