To Stop Procrastination

I will do it to-morrow,

U tell yourself again and again.

Then U simply let it undone,

And tell yourself a lie.

U enjoy such wicked fun,

Yes, U can fool yourself,

What about the impacts on others?

U can forgive yourself,

What if the people involved are your brothers?

U shall not cry

when U lose your friends,

U shall know why

When friendships suddenly ends.

To stop yourself from getting further frustrated,

U must have your attention concentrated.

T-morrow I will live,

Only the fools will say.

Today is too late,

That’s the wise’s way

Because they have lived yesterday.

To stop


Please take action

To work on your tasks immediately,

Live your life independently.

16 thoughts on “To Stop Procrastination

  1. You could not have said it any better…what a wonderful way to remind us all what life is all about. You always give us such positve thoughts and for that I say thank you Jingle!! Hope your weekend’s going to be a magical one. Lots and lots of love…always x

  2. You know what, Jingle! I really needed this now!!
    I have putting off a few things for a while now.. but after reading your eye-opening poem, I am kinda feeling guilty… So NO MORE PUTTING OFF!!!
    Thanks a bunch for this reminder!! You know just to say the right thing!! God… HOW on earth do you manage to do this EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! 🙂 Anyway, I am very grateful to you for this…
    Have a fun weekend!!!

  3. To my way of thinking, life is all about balance. Sometimes you just need to get things done, other times it’s perfectly okay to put things off. The trick is knowing which is which.

  4. Ah, Jingle, it’s true what everyone said above. I’m a huge procrastinator… just got to a project tonight that I’ve been meaning to do for two months. And getting it done felt great… but it’s the determination that’s needed. Thanks for the reminder. Amy

  5. You are AWESOME, Jingle, and this poem is one of my favorites ever of yours.

    Lately I have been catching up on little things I’ve been behind on. Feeling so much better about myself.


  6. Procrastination is my long lasting enemy! Next time it comes to get me, I’ll read your poem again! Thanks Jingle 🙂

  7. I used to be like this when I was doing assignments two years ago and didn’t got a very good score, learnt my lesson and tried not to be lazy XD, this is an excellent piece of poem, thank for sharing 😀

  8. This reminded me of an old button I used to have…it was a round button and on it a 2 It….we all seem to have that procrastination gene in our system…enjoyed your poem.

  9. I really really like that Jingle, Great poem. It’s so easy for me to get caught in the web of procrastination. Just reading your poem today makes me wonder what am I procrastinating on today?

  10. Wow! Jingle, how do you do it? How can you pick a wonderful subject and write so well, that your readers can’t help but spend time to appreciate it.

    I really really needed this and you put the message in such simple words. THANK YOU!

    At least, I will practice this for the weekend. Thanks for giving me the right boost for this weekend (Now stop surfing for poets and write your own keshav)

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