I Want 2 Bee Worthy Of This Waking Dream

I want 2 bee worthy of this waking dream-

Floating in the sky

of July,

Yes, I will be up high soaring

Among the stars

and around the mars,

I will lose my mind

Of humankind

And a brief


Will hold me safe…

Upon ending the fun

of Being divine,

I will fall

With my twisted jaw…

With exhaustion

In a commotion,

I see one zillion mosquitoes

Plus one billion butterflies

Swimming at the heads of

One billion wild flowers:

White, yellow, red, blue, purple, green, or orange,

With a dragonfly being near,

I see a deer in the woods,

A horse in the pasture,

A rabbit in the backyard,

A pair of EYES at the window,

A knock at the door,

And a diamond on the floor.


Applying my imagination to write poetry and share with fellow poets are something precious, or diamond alike, simply put, writing and sharing =>diamond=>treasure!

This poem is an entry 4 The Thursday Think Tank prompt #6 (Diamond) Poets United

And an entry 4 (Treasure) Writer’s Island

Happy Thursday!

Thursday Poets Rally Week 25 post will be up on July 21, 2010 right in this blog.  Thank You for the patience and diligence. Hope 2 C U all next week.

39 thoughts on “I Want 2 Bee Worthy Of This Waking Dream

  1. Oh Jingle – I love this poem – it’s so colorful – so rich – so plethoric – so moving and so full of joy and freedom – a waking dream – for sure!

  2. OH a zillion mosquitos!!! LOL–ah so many blood suckers for only so much blood! Sorry, but I can imagine a dense swarm of the little beasties just aching for a meal every time I venture to the woods.

  3. We need a poem about deep woods off to use for all those darn mosquitoes lol. This is wonderful and vivid poem. i was on the trip with you even when you came down. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I love the world you see. You always express happiness and reality in a way to make us all appreciate this life. Wonderful poem. 🙂 Have a Happy Friday. 🙂

  5. Heya Jingle! 🙂 … first time here, and by the looks of it, have quite some lovely posts to catch up on !!

    Liked the template… really enjoyed the poem!… It’s so vivid, so descriptive… i can almost imagine myself being in there… no better way to start my day! 😀

    Thank You, for this wonderful composition…. Cheers 🙂

  6. Treasure INDEED! I Loved Your poem and pictures and post! Magical. Walking away smiling BIG. Thank You and Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

  7. i could see that land filled with butterflies (i deliberately ignored the mosquitos we are infested with them already).

    you took me along with you to the hilarious trip.

  8. Just loved this, the colours, the images, the words… everything.

    “And a brief


    Will hold me safe…”

    really made me smile – when I thought of it, it seemed so right somehow.

  9. Amazing what the minds eye sees and the colors of life it presents to us….clever write…blessings…bkm

  10. This is a poem to rejuvenate me: the use of colour, and textspeak, all say ‘young’,
    ‘lighthearted’, ‘happy’ – all things greatly to be desired when you reach my advanced age! Thank you.

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