I Want 2 Bee Worthy Of This Waking Dream

I want 2 bee worthy of this waking dream-

Floating in the sky

of July,

Yes, I will be up high soaring

Among the stars

and around the mars,

I will lose my mind

Of humankind

And a brief


Will hold me safe…

Upon ending the fun

of Being divine,

I will fall

With my twisted jaw…

With exhaustion

In a commotion,

I see one zillion mosquitoes

Plus one billion butterflies

Swimming at the heads of

One billion wild flowers:

White, yellow, red, blue, purple, green, or orange,

With a dragonfly being near,

I see a deer in the woods,

A horse in the pasture,

A rabbit in the backyard,

A pair of EYES at the window,

A knock at the door,

And a diamond on the floor.


Applying my imagination to write poetry and share with fellow poets are something precious, or diamond alike, simply put, writing and sharing =>diamond=>treasure!

This poem is an entry 4 The Thursday Think Tank prompt #6 (Diamond) Poets United

And an entry 4 (Treasure) Writer’s Island

Happy Thursday!

Thursday Poets Rally Week 25 post will be up on July 21, 2010 right in this blog.  Thank You for the patience and diligence. Hope 2 C U all next week.