See Beyond The Violent Images

Something bothers U,

U R oppressed,

U feel insecure

By ongoing issues, wars, and so on,

Life seems having stopped moving along…

But, armoring yourself does not make things better,

U must face the world

2 keep your life FROM getting madder.

U must learn to breathe

The safety of life as it is-

Sunrise and sunset,

Rainbow always comes after T-storm,

Twilight always follow the dawn.

Life is gentle

and predictable

In general!

4 every danger,

There are more safe cases,

4 every death,

There are more births.

See beyond the violent images,

Let faith carry U through those damages,

Hope, expansion, and potential peace

Will eventually set u at ease.

Be patient, hang in there please!



This poem is an entry in We Can Wednesday meme which originates with A Green Earth.

23 thoughts on “See Beyond The Violent Images

  1. A lovely poem….
    And same pinch!!! I wrote a similar poem and posted it just today!! yaaayyyy
    So glad to see 2 persons writing on the same thing… hope!
    I love your thought, and your poem, ji!

    A very Happy Wednesday to you tooooo… 🙂

  2. Thank for being part of my new meme, `We Can Wednesday’ and really enjoyed your entry. Your words are powerful and full of inspiration. `Hope, expansion, and potential peace’ just love those words.

  3. Jingle, this super positive! Such wonderful reminders, especially when you say,
    “See beyond the violand images,
    Let faith carry U through those damages”
    Heaven knows I need it sometimes. Many happy thanks.
    G 🙂

  4. Wonderful insights, Jingle. I agree. I also know you believe as I do that our love for one another is expressed in responsibility. In facing the world, we acknowledge where we can work to improve it. We learn, think, act, all from love. We further love, harmony and peace through responsibility.

  5. It’s a never ending circle- for every ending, there are new beginnings and that always gives me hope! Thank you Jingle for the inspiring poem 🙂

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