Monday’s Child Week 3-A New Baby Is born

Illustration by: Margaret Tarrant 1920’s

The following poem is an entry for Monday’s Child prompt 3, a fresh weekly meme which is hosted by Soul Intention and encourages talented writers to create a children’s story or a verse based on the image. See more information at

Happy Wednesday!

Happy Writing!


A new baby is born,

Full of freshness and light;

Promising future to be held,

Everything will be alright.

Remaining a curious mind in his pilgrimage,

By the blessings of angels’ heart;

Humble and daring,

He is to blaze the trail in honor of God.

Smile now,

Grow strong and tall;

No need to wonder how,

Simply live to give love 2 all.

Name him Bingle,

Make him giggle

And wiggle,

Enjoy the magical moments, wink and twinkle!

20 thoughts on “Monday’s Child Week 3-A New Baby Is born

  1. The poem sure made me giggle!!! How cute was that!!!! 🙂
    May he be as pure and innocent as the angel… unharmed and unadulterated…
    This was such a fresh and lovely poem, Ji…
    Thanks for sharing… All babies will surely smile another of their baby smiles for this one, I am sure!

    Love and hugs…

  2. LOL…this made me laugh…I am amazed just how much you do on a daily basis!! You’re such an inspiration to us all. You Rock Ji!! Thanks for sharing x

  3. Oh so very cute and happy, I love how you see life through such a happy pair of eyes…blessings to you Jingle – I have to finish mine…bkm

  4. magical moments for sure. Your poem made me remember when Peanut was born…almost 2 years ago now! Time flies……but that’s another poem.

  5. “Simply live to give love 2 all”

    ~this was ever so sweet and the line above…so many need to carry such thought…what a world it would be…wonderful was this! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

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