See Beyond The Violent Images

Something bothers U,

U R oppressed,

U feel insecure

By ongoing issues, wars, and so on,

Life seems having stopped moving along…

But, armoring yourself does not make things better,

U must face the world

2 keep your life FROM getting madder.

U must learn to breathe

The safety of life as it is-

Sunrise and sunset,

Rainbow always comes after T-storm,

Twilight always follow the dawn.

Life is gentle

and predictable

In general!

4 every danger,

There are more safe cases,

4 every death,

There are more births.

See beyond the violent images,

Let faith carry U through those damages,

Hope, expansion, and potential peace

Will eventually set u at ease.

Be patient, hang in there please!



This poem is an entry in We Can Wednesday meme which originates with A Green Earth.

Monday’s Child Week 3-A New Baby Is born

Illustration by: Margaret Tarrant 1920’s

The following poem is an entry for Monday’s Child prompt 3, a fresh weekly meme which is hosted by Soul Intention and encourages talented writers to create a children’s story or a verse based on the image. See more information at

Happy Wednesday!

Happy Writing!


A new baby is born,

Full of freshness and light;

Promising future to be held,

Everything will be alright.

Remaining a curious mind in his pilgrimage,

By the blessings of angels’ heart;

Humble and daring,

He is to blaze the trail in honor of God.

Smile now,

Grow strong and tall;

No need to wonder how,

Simply live to give love 2 all.

Name him Bingle,

Make him giggle

And wiggle,

Enjoy the magical moments, wink and twinkle!