My Passion Is 2 Make U Happy

My Passion is 2 make U Happy.

The following are my entry of JOKES to make U laugh… 😉 😉 😉

#1: Why did the farmer plant seeds in a pond?

Answer: He wanted to grow watermelons.

#2: Who is snow white’s brother?

Answer: Egg white, Get the Yolk?

#3: Why don’t they serve chocolate in prison?

Answer: Because it makes U break out.

#4: Why do bananas put on suntan lotion?

Answer: To keep from peeling.

#5: Why did the man at the orange juice factory lose his job?

Answer: because he could not concentrate.

#6: Why did the jelly roll?

Answer: Because it saw the apple turn over.


This post is an entry for My Passion,

A meme hosted at Terra Del Sol for Mia Monday

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Happy Mia Monday!

20 thoughts on “My Passion Is 2 Make U Happy

  1. Hey! Loved this! Thanks for all the smiles and laughs You just gifted. Very cool! Cheers and Namaste. 😆

  2. divine…….goodness is god…
    happiness is prayer and thanks to god..
    .so one day some one asked how to make god laugh…..
    first tell your plans….
    and on top of it tell go to”jingle’s blog…..
    bless you…

  3. Oh Jingle, these made me laugh like a kid here at the library. Such fun sweet simple great little jokes.

    chocolate makes U break out.

    The O.J. worker could not concentrate!! 🙂


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