Happy Belated Birthday Plus Get Well Soon Wishes 4 Five Friends

Happy Belated Birthday!

Prayers, Love, Hugs, Flowers Fly Your Way,

Get Well Soon, Friend!


Dear friends and poets, we have been supported by so many blogging buddies and recently, a few important members or friends have had issues or celebrations going on, in particular, Moon, Wordwand, Suzi, Viola, and Shakira, Larry, Jingle is thrilled to find time today to show her appreciations to the following friends for their long time contribution to Poets Rally and wow, Jingle misses YOU, Wishing all of you a beautiful Sunday today and

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes Go to:

Moondustwriter had a birthday on June 16, 2010,

Please visit Moondustwriter at: http://moondustwriter.com/

Wordwand had a birthday on June 26, 2010

Please visit Wordwand at:


Suzi had a birthday on July 10, 2010,

Please visit Suzi at:http://suzicate.wordpress.com/

Larry had a birthday on July 9, 2010,

Please visit his wife, Viola’s blog at: http://billmanson.blogspot.com/

Get Well Soon Wishes Go To:

Wordwand at: http://wordwand.wordpress.com/

Viola for Her Husband Larry’s Recovery at : http://billmanson.blogspot.com/

Shakira for her daughter Jasmine at:


Jingle is not God, she is human, she does not know everything about you unless you tell, if she overlooked any of you on birthdays or sickness, please comment to let her know and thank You all for the support.

Happy Happy Sunday!

😉 😉 😉

42 thoughts on “Happy Belated Birthday Plus Get Well Soon Wishes 4 Five Friends

  1. You are always so kind and a wonderful cheerleader in life. Thank you for your sweet and generous nature. I wish happy birthday and good well wishes to those, and will visit to tell them.

  2. This is so generous and wonderful Ji…and to all of you who is going through tough times or belated bithdays, warm wishes,much love and hugs I am sending to all. I will go and visit all Ji…thanks for letting us know ~ xx

  3. To everyone who is going through tough times, please know that our thoughts are with you. ❤

    To everyone with a belated birthday: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! 😀

    Jingle, thanks for being amazingly thoughtful and letting us know!

  4. Dearest Jingle,
    As usual, such a thoughtful and kind gesture!

    Dear Wordwand, Suzi, Moondustwriter and all those whose birthdays we missed:
    Cheery, brilliant and bright
    Hope your birthday was such
    Cool, fun-filled and light
    With love and happiness much!!! 🙂

    Dear Shakira and Jasmine, Viola and Larry, Wordwand and anyone amidst any unpleasantness:
    Be it night or day
    Problems many or few
    Know this: Come what may
    Our prayers are with you…

    Take care, all !
    Have a peaceful weekend and a stress-free week ahead…
    Much love..

  5. Moondustwriter, Wordwand, and Suzicate, I send you heartfelt belated birthday wishes. I hope you had a beautiful birthday filled with love.

    Wordwand, Larry and Jasmine, you are in my prayers for your recovery, and grace to sustain you while you are ill.

    Love, healing, and peace!

  6. Happy bday to all.
    to viola and shakira…Take heart…Jasmine and Larry will get well soon our prayers are with u:)
    Wordwand-take care..get well soon

  7. happy birthday and get well wishes to all my friends whom we had been unable to detect on our radar screen ( bleep! bleep! ) but really, where the heaven are all of you?

  8. how thoughtful of you, as usual, jingle 🙂

    best wishes for everyone, especially for Viola & Larry, also for Shakira & her daughter, speedy recovery, my thoughts are with you..

  9. WHAT!?!?! You are NOT God? Well, you are to me — a goddess of joy and light. The little angel who crashed my blog, and the hearts of so many.

    You’ll be giving me a gold star on my paper, as I did indeed just visit and comment at all 5 of those blogs!

    And Blue Bunny liked Jason’s bike!


  10. Jingle, what a good heart inside you… I’m not sure if I did this correctly, but I visited each site and left a comment. Anyway, if it is incorrect, let me say now, Happy Birthday to all who celebrate their birth in the month of July! Also, get well wishes to anyone who is feeling under the weather, or whose loved one is in need of get well wishes. God speed good health and peace to all of you . Heartspell

  11. Hello Jingle

    I went too and visited each one and left a message, you are so kind doing this for this community , what a compassionate heart you have, so wishing you positive thoughts and prayers for your word here in this community as well as all the other dear one’s.

    Live Beautifully, Dream Passionately, Love Completely

  12. Oh Jingle this is so sweet and nice. You have such a beautiful and loving heart. I will print this out and take to Larry in the morning when I go to the hospital. Thank you my friend.

  13. Jingle, I forgot to tell you that you didn’t know it but Larry’s 66th birthday was Friday the 9th and the hospital staff gove him a party, but he was too sick to eat. He cried because they did that for him.

  14. I had already paid all these people visits to wish them these on their blog and social networks which I’m friends with them…I will visit Suzigates now, as it is only her’s I dont know of. I have been off for a while. Had to stop in another state to see my friends. Got home today. I guess you will start seeing me around again…Cheers Ji.

  15. Thank you Ji
    I so appreciate your thoughtfulness
    you are a beautiful person and a talented writer
    I know so many people are blessed by you!!!!

  16. Good blog! I truly love how it’ s easy on my eyes and the facts are well written. I am wondering how I can be notified whenever a new post has been made. I have subscribed to your rss feed which should do the trick! Have a nice day!

  17. Good blog! I truly love how it’ s easy on my eyes and the facts are well written. I am wondering how I can be notified whenever a new post has been made. I have subscribed to your rss feed which should do the trick! Have a nice day!

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