Happy Belated Birthday Plus Get Well Soon Wishes 4 Five Friends

Happy Belated Birthday!

Prayers, Love, Hugs, Flowers Fly Your Way,

Get Well Soon, Friend!


Dear friends and poets, we have been supported by so many blogging buddies and recently, a few important members or friends have had issues or celebrations going on, in particular, Moon, Wordwand, Suzi, Viola, and Shakira, Larry, Jingle is thrilled to find time today to show her appreciations to the following friends for their long time contribution to Poets Rally and wow, Jingle misses YOU, Wishing all of you a beautiful Sunday today and

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes Go to:

Moondustwriter had a birthday on June 16, 2010,

Please visit Moondustwriter at: http://moondustwriter.com/

Wordwand had a birthday on June 26, 2010

Please visit Wordwand at:


Suzi had a birthday on July 10, 2010,

Please visit Suzi at:http://suzicate.wordpress.com/

Larry had a birthday on July 9, 2010,

Please visit his wife, Viola’s blog at: http://billmanson.blogspot.com/

Get Well Soon Wishes Go To:

Wordwand at: http://wordwand.wordpress.com/

Viola for Her Husband Larry’s Recovery at : http://billmanson.blogspot.com/

Shakira for her daughter Jasmine at:


Jingle is not God, she is human, she does not know everything about you unless you tell, if she overlooked any of you on birthdays or sickness, please comment to let her know and thank You all for the support.

Happy Happy Sunday!

😉 😉 😉

Weekend Funnies-Fat Cat, Sweet Cat

The city cats are fatter,

The country cats are sweeter,

Does it matter

That which type is better?


I don’t think so.

The city cats

prefer FAT

While the country cats

Enjoy a RAT.

No need to make an expedition

To reinforce a particupar position.

We have to let them loose

The way we treat a moose.


This post is an entry for weekend Funnies hosted by

Shakira and Hooray for Saturday hosted by Kathy

I apologize for the absence in the past few weeks, I am tired

and have run out of materials to post for the funnies. I hope

that you enjoy this one! Cheers!

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