Poetry Awards 4 Thursday Poets Rally Week 24

The Most Wholesome Poet Award

The Most Positive Poet Award

The Most Promising Poet Award

Dear poets and friends, what a blast this past week, Our Thursday Poets Rally have about more than 55 participants, Everyone works hard and have done an extraordinary job submitting their beautiful poems and commenting 4 fresh poets. U Know what, Commenting for fresh poets resembles doing community service, u r doing it for free, but u touch so many poets’ life via your encouragements which is invaluable and remarkable work!

In our community, everyone is valued and everyone’s contribution is appreciated…due to the fact that all of you have done PERFECT job, Jingle is excited to offer all THREE poetry awards to all of you...a few  poets are long time supporters of Thursday Poets Rally, thus they also deserve the recognitions here.

Trisha Adam Megzone Artswebshow Ishabelle William Poet Traveler Dancingfreak

TALON DiamondsAndDogs Kavita shaguftaabbas unprecedentedintellectual

Suzicate Nanno1982 Shoelessboywonder Wordwand Suzanne Amit Khanna Patti

Moondustwriter Fiveloaf Tracyisjustsayn Jasonsiu Inelle Zshayra Pjdjennel Anummunaf

Jim lazylinerazmattazz Spandhanaa Rajlakshmi Heartspell Ncbeachcomber_asa

Adkwriter15 PinkLady Pravin Nair Creativity SkSparrowsong Gally THE BEATY

Morganna D.S. Lear Joesuzz Petemarshall1 JStar Katherine Viola Eaton Bennett Joanny

Emmanuel Ibok Ediomo Udofia Desiree buttercup600 Hoiden Short poems Dom*

hames1977 Cerridwyn Tiponi Ana Goncalves  Madbluewings Peter Barden Marya

dragonfliesandgoosebumps kelleygrrl Chilton Doni mitchicus theonlycin Fatesjoke03

Tiponi benjity Jessica Graf Tasha  Imagina Every Peace Almondjoycie Jessicasjapes

Dedes Jaymie Doraz Steve E  Tim Keeton Soul Intention Celebrating A Year

Imagina Fatesjoke03 ledaharlowe libravirgo923 Leonie Alexis revbillcook MitchicusZiibi

(ORDER makes NO differences here, please never mind where you are…)

I Am Happiest When U R Happy Award

Prolific Blogger Award

from Suzi at

Suzicate, thank you for the encouragement, Suzi…I am humbled and truly

appreciate your support here dearly, xxx

The last two awards are for all of you, poets listed above, and for all my blogging friends who write excellent posts and spread love, talents, and wisdom via their wit and humors…

Thank You all for the support.  Please enjoy what you do and smile your day away!

Thursday Poets Rally Week 24 poetry from participants have been proudly represented at Promising Poets’ Parking lot, please find your own poem via the link below and check for errors, let me know your thoughts please, Cheers!