Family Fridays-I Must Tell You This!

I must tell you this,

You shall not take me amiss.

You have been so friendly I know,

Everyone’s friendship is appreciated so.

I prefer to set a benign example,

I am sure you can find many a similar sample.

Blogging is serious affair,

We make online friends everywhere.

Write and read posts, both fun and cool,

The relations shall be healthy and true.

Enjoy the aptitude of your curious mind,

Let all the sins and vices go behind.

Family members or kids are not to be hurt,

Lust or wild thoughts shall be halted instead.

Faith may be helpful, no doubt,

To guide souls and root one’s vices out.

If you listen and be true,

People will less likely to censure you.

Stay modest until the end,

Guard yourself from getting hurt, my friend.

Watch out for issues, be dear,

Sail your boat wisely, far and near.

Hello, This is an entry for Family Fridays, a meme

cohosted by Amy and Lori…Jingle simply wrote a poem

offering some advices to friends in our blogging family.

No offense, have fun! You Know Better Than Me!

Please feel free to visit all participants of Family Fridays!

Have A Fantastic Fridays!

😉 😉 😉

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29 thoughts on “Family Fridays-I Must Tell You This!

  1. As always you are so very creative and mindful, a beautiful written set of lines. Thanks so much Jingle. I wish you a very happy 4th of July weekend with your family and be safe. Much love ~ Amanda x

  2. if you listen and be true…
    the whole piece is excellent, as usual. but that thought is the one that lodged in my forehead.
    in a very good way:)

  3. This one was cute! 🙂
    You have, so sweetly and lightly, put across a fairly serious message …
    Thanks for caring… Like I’ve said so many times to you, YOU SIMPLY ROCK, Ji!!! 🙂
    Take care, and have a safe and lovely weekend !!!

  4. nice tribute to the art of blogging…

    indeed, this has taken so much of our time that we hardly have a social life now. no more sins and vices. LOL!

    seriously though, friends like you from the blogosphere are priceless. you are a great blessing to us. =)

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