Then, A Cricket Chirred! (Jingle’s Entry 4 Poets Rally Week 24)

The sound of music rings in my ears,

Visualizing dancing tigers, lions, and deers,

I am moved to tears.

Deep in the woods, something stirred,

I thought it was a woodpecker that I heard,

Then, a cricket chirred.

I hiked on the mountain as the morning sun rose,

A gardener smiled at me while holding a hose,

My heart raced as I continued the path I chose.

The lake grins repeatedly under the morning breeze,

Lost in the beauty, I stand and freeze,

Forgetting how to sing my praise…

55 thoughts on “Then, A Cricket Chirred! (Jingle’s Entry 4 Poets Rally Week 24)

  1. This poem is so beautiful, it’s making me forget how to sing my praise for it..
    Made me sit right her, and walk through those paths, feel the breeze listen to crickets chir, and smile back at the gardener…
    A very sweet and happy poem !!

  2. lost in the beauty I stand and froze…….the beauty of the forest does that….it is my second home….bkm

  3. Loved it Ji!
    Its early morning right here in Pakistan, and trust me, the lovely voice of the birds chirping and the beautiful imagery flowing from your words, feels like a kick start to a wonderful day!

  4. Hey Jingle! Beautiful! Sounds like a walk I would MUCH love to take. Thank You and Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

  5. Such a welcoming scene you paint with your words…I felt as though I were walking with you…the beauty you felt was praise itself… lovely poem. Thank you for sharing. Heartspell

  6. I like the idea of the beauty making you feel lost for words. There’s a famous poem about needing to stop and stare at nature’s beauty each day.

  7. Cool poem, Jingle. Killer ending “Lost in the beauty, I stand and freeze, / Forgetting how to sing my praise…” Great description of a moment of awe

  8. Dont approve this personal ” Hi I am so busy and tired leaving in the mornings reaching home at midnight doing some very hard work hardest in my entire life. I cant commit to the poet challenge because I am so busy all i do now is check one email and thats it. After a week or two things may settle down…I really want to join the poets and even short stories but time I dont have but I will find away soon.
    Keep up the good work and I really dont know how you do it I really appreciate you and I am sure I speak for every one when it comes to that. have a good day and take care 🙂

    What I will do is to come on your site and read all your stuff guess i will be a spectator for now not even on my own blog will I be able to post anything. Anyhow have to run take care 🙂

  9. I hear lot of sounds.
    The rustling breeze, the pecking noise from the wood pecker, tuk ,tuk—–,the cricket chirping.
    Vow, can set up an audio presentation.

  10. i love taking a walk at night…. the crickets seem to be the background music… although they all sound the same, and it’s not like the usual music i listen to, but, hey, i’m not complaining… nature is great!

  11. I enjoyed the different scene you combined to make this. The rhymes were perfect and the creative ability, unbeatable. Nice one Jingle.

    P.s Sorry, I forgot to nominate a Poet for the PPA…I will post the name as a comment in the TPR week 24 post.


  12. Opps sorry — like Emmanuel Ibok I too forgot to nominate a Poet for the PPA…I will post the name as a comment in the Sunday TPR week 24 post.

    Hope that is alright?


  13. Oh, nature is the cure, the connection, the joy . . . you bring that vividely home . . . paint such an evocative image . . . make forget that there’s anything real but a walk in the woods . . . perhaps that is the only “reality.” Thank you for your wonderful poem, Jingle.

  14. This Poets Rally makes we want to write a poem 🙂
    Just to be part of your lovely group Jin!
    Nice poem Jin.

  15. ooooh… a nature poem…
    it’s a welcome break from the concrete and smog that I have to wake up to everyday.

    nice Jingle… (crickets in the background)

  16. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get several e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Many thanks!

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