30 thoughts on “Quote of The Day

  1. and sometimes, those expectations are met too! And when they are not, then once again, life appears how you choose to look at it…

    Loved your quote! Have a wonderful day!

  2. I realize that this is my 400th post…

    I started blogging on November 28, 2009, it is about exactly 7 months of posting…

    400 posts within 210 days…almost 2 posts each day average…

    thank you all for the comments and fun!

  3. CONGRATS to your record Jingle. You do have many talents and you are soo generous to share them all with us. I am happy you are having fun with blogging. You deserve many smiles and many moments of love and laughter. 🙂

  4. This is so good and just what I needed today. We had some rough news where the universe was trying to knock us down. But I only see GOOD things to come and that makes it all better. Thanks Ji!!!

  5. Great quote! Reminds me of “As a Man Thinketh”. Whoa average two post per day? Keep ‘jingling’ love all your 400 post though may have skipped some and some need deep thinking..haha Cheers tQ.

  6. Wow! Jingle, 400 posts! That quite a benchmark. . .and quite an achievement. Congratulations. And, thank you for the wonderful quote. Write on target.

  7. LOVE the quote…sometimes it seems it is all about attitude. And sometimes it IS! Reminds me of a song from long ago…sort of like “…when you’re smiling……the whole world smiles with you. Ain’t it the truth?

    When I am happily enthusiastic, it seems to rub off on others–what a pleasure to witness God at work through the Peeps!

    Bye for now!

  8. It’s the ‘is the glass half full or half empty’ thingy, isn’t it?
    Do you see the positives or the negatives.
    Guess we English tend to go for the ‘half empty’ option, we love a good moan!

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