Sunday 160-As Music Dances

The conductor’s hands wave
As music dances,
and strings vibrate
in Violin, Cello, Viola, Bass…
Thunder alike claps roll from the mass
When the magic stops.


What can you say in 160 characters? (spaces included)

Check it out on Monkey Man;)

I used the character calculator

The Drive Way Before Arriving The Quartz Mountain

Quartz Mountain Summer Art Institute Image

I took a small hike along the path on the foot of the mountain

This morning before going to the concert at 10am.

The Long Wooden Bridge Connecting The

Summer Art Camp Resident Area and the

Performing Art Center

The Performing Arts Center At QM

(I attended the concert here Saturday night at 8pm,

This morning (Sunday) they have a goodbye concert

at 10am)

Hello, I have gone to my older son’s music concert yesterday,

I have shown you some images (see above) I have been in and

I am glad to be home today… Thank You! I hope that your

weekend is fun and relaxing!

40 thoughts on “Sunday 160-As Music Dances

  1. WOW! Now THERE’S a “160” I wish I could have lived. Sure I have played thousands of concerts…but I get to actually sit and enjoy about once a year.

    Your perspective of QM recollects my memories of Brevard (NC) music Camp c.1951 and Tanglewood (Lenox, MA) c.1952 where I got to play under famous Peeps like Bernstein, Charles Meunch…

    Real good photos and captions. Thanks Jingle for the nice “break” in my evening.
    You are ALWAYS good, though–grin!

  2. Hi Jingle, I love your 160 words and I love the pictures you shared with us. What a beautiful place, it looks so relaxing.

  3. I just love to see photos. You captured a lot of the fun and a lot of the place. Thank you for sharing Jingle. I know that the concert must have been a big success. Any surprises? I also love how you can just write away. You do have fun with your work. 🙂 Happy Monday.

  4. I have a perfect vision of this. As a kid I attended a lot of concerts…I was privileged to participate in some…this brought back those memories…especially when the crowd echoed “encore” for a performance they enjoyed…Thanks for sharing.

    P.s. I was ecstatic to see your comment. I missed your presence.

  5. Wonderful, Jingle. Good for you talented son.
    I adore music. I was in an orchestra AND a dance band in my younger years. Bass clarinet. Loved it so much!

  6. Jingle, of the suhshine meadows and smiles that last forever!!

    You are such an AWESOME mom!!! Music is a great gift to guide children in. Kelly had her piano camp last week.

    That Art Insittute looks just gorgeous.

    Glad you are home safe and sound.


  7. Beautiful Pic Jingle — looks like you had a wonderful time….fantastic Wooden Bridge…..

    If you know of any Children’s writers would you let them know of Monday’s Child at

    I know you write some children’s poems also……bkm

  8. Great to hear you attended your son’s concert. The poem in the beginning was very musical in its own right. “Thunder alike claps roll from the mass / When the magic stops.” powerful ending. enjoyed the poetry and pics.

    1. Yes, Mama Zen…

      It has been 4 years in a row for him to attend the camp…
      He is talented in Cello, he is first chair or principle chair in all state honor orchestra, north central state honor orchestra, summer arts camp orchestra, what amazes about the Quartz Mountain Summer Arts is that the state governor gives each student a signed letter and an award certificate…

      I am the least to be congratulated in this family, everyone else is a star.

  9. Thanks for visiting my CED page. I came to read yours! Between you & Billy Collins, I am doubly inspired to try writing some poetry for next week 🙂 Look out, ha ha ha! Quartz Mountain Summer Art Institute (just Googled it) sounds like a wonderful experience.

  10. Jingle, it is almost Wednesday…and we are in TEXAS!!!

    However that is not my purpose in double-dipping here. Rather I wish to say to you, that as far as bloggers are concerned…YOU–YOU are the SUCCESS in your family. YOU are the one who tirelessly works so that others can enjoy, and have their poetry promulgated to the world. YOU are the one who has mothered, and continues to nurture a son’s promising career in music. YOU are one who appreciates others’ work, and who supports unendingly efforts of all of us–(well, until you stopped!!!–grin! Shhhhh: but you’ll be BACH!). You give encouragement to the great–and the not so great (like moi…see? I also have esteem issues, right? Do not we all? Well, maybe not.)

    I just wanted to “blog a comment” and add again my “Thank you” to those many who have already done so in such fine fashion.

    Blessings to you.

  11. Hello Jingle, nice pictures.
    Just popped in to say I am sorry I haven’t been around much; I have visitors from England and everything has been very busy because of the Soccer World Cup here in South Africa.

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