Family Fridays-What Is The Most Beautiful Unit On Earth?

What is Geography?

A description of the Earth’s surface.

What is the Earth?

The planet or body on which we live.

What is the shape of the Earth?

Round, like a ball.

Of what is the Earth’s surface composed?

Water (70%) and land (30%).

Who live on Earth?

Human beings, animals, plants.

Where is the best place to be?

Home, sweet home.

What is the most beautiful unit on earth?

Families/A Family!

Family Fridays is co-hosted by Amy and Lori

Please visit all participants to read and enjoy

Family stories, and share some of yours if possible.

Re: It takes me less than 15 minutes to do this easy one,

I would miss ANYTHING but FAMILY Fridays post..

  1. Peterson~St. Louis
  2. Adoption of Jane
  3. Keeping up with the Schultz Family
  4. All You Need is Love
  5. Debby @ JustBreatheHappy Birthday Dad
  6. The Tablet of My Heart
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23 thoughts on “Family Fridays-What Is The Most Beautiful Unit On Earth?

  1. Lovely post Jingle. I think family is very important. I am glad to see you are feeling much better. Hope you are still relaxing and ejoy each day.

    1. I am okay, Ibok…
      After I stay on line for up to an hour, I must stop, it is easily getting tired now…

      I am reading a book,
      Listening to soft and classical music,
      and resting….
      thank you and thanks to many of you…

  2. You have done a beautiful job here with your lovely words. We do all need to show appreciation. The family is the center of all. 🙂

  3. I like the structure you used to achieve such clarity to bring your belief and conviction of something I share and uphold to your readers.

    The Q&A in its simplicity of form like an instructional scene between parents and children effectively brought the core of the poem accross.

    I always believe as a writer/poet that poetry like love, needs no extra ordinary thoughts to touch the heart. Purity speaks the truth.

    This simple piece does.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  4. Jingle, this is such a nice piece about a very important part of our life here on earth: family… it is so vitally important and you have captured this in your poem. Very nice. Have fun! Heartspell

  5. I LOVE living on this planet — I tried others but they just weren’t the same. 🙂

    Happy belated Friday, Jingle.

    Or maybe just 4 days early for the next Friday that comes around?


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