The Celebrate Poet of May Award and More…

The Celebrate Poet of May Award

The following Poets have won The Celebrate Poet of May Award:

Fiveloaf (17 votes)

Adam (16 votes)

Trisha, Suzi, D. S. Lear (each 15 votes)

Wordwand (14 votes)

Celebrating A Year, Ibok, Shakira (Each 13 votes)

William (12 votes)

Megzone, Heartspell (Each 11 votes)

Viola, Ishabelle (Each 10 votes)

Raji, Shoelessboywonder, Martin, Soulintention (Each 9 votes)

Poet Traveler, A New Day, The Arts Web Show, Noha, Geardine, Tim, (Each 8 votes)

Jingle (16 votes)

The Celebrate Poet of May Runner-Up Award

The following Poets have won The Celebrate Poet of May Runner-Up Award

Alan, The Only Cin, Gally, Joe Suzz, Pete, Shan, Liz (Morganna) (Each 7 votes)

Dancingfreak (6 votes)

Joanny, Ms. Peaches, Alex, SK, Pinklady, Doraz, Ediomo, Dom*, Unprecedentedintellectual’s Blog ( Each 5 votes)

Pravin nair, Lizabee, Justin, Gawrav, Steven, Ana, BFG (each 4 votes)

Tumblewoods, Lurk,  A Poem A Day, IS, Keerthana, Poems to the Ocean, World of Poetry, Jstar, Lawrence, The World Through My Eyes, Chicky’s Creative Corner (Each 3 votes)

Lauren, Sonu, Songs of Howling Shadow, Missvigie, Beyond the Blog, The Big Bowl’s Blog, Rawsubstance, David Reins, One Poem Every Day, Seth, WEM, JIM, Poetry Blog, Short Poem, Suzanne (Each 2 votes)

The Celebrate Poet of May Honorable Mention Award

The Following Poets have won The Celebrate Poet of May Honorable Mention Award:

Kisli, Natali, Julie, the INN, HearT Speak, Art Is My Relogion, Desire, Moondustwriter, Writing in Faith, Jannie Funster, Kurtress, Smallthingspoem, Chocolate Lover, Tammy, Samliu, Amit, Ann(Under Way), Pattiken, Talon, Mama Zen, Today, I feel, Robert Cupcake Poetry, Shaky, Inscreibed In Stone (each 1 vote)

Doni, Sam I Am (NOT), Sparrow song, Saran, Lynn’s life, Buttercup600, Tracy, PancakeBliss, The Writing Ant, Jeques, Lovetheloop, Nelly, C It My Way, The Vivacious, Windchaser, Julie, Niklas, Jessicasjapu, Hoiden (special nomination)

Friends Are Precious Award

Wings of Light Award

Participation Award

The last three general awards are given to all blogging friends who have left a comment in this blog on or after June 19, 2010, and to all poets who are voted, nominated, and commented under the nomination post…

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Flowers VS Showers:

62 thoughts on “The Celebrate Poet of May Award and More…

  1. these are beautiful awards, jingle. and that pretty runner up award made my day. since it’s my birthday, i consider all these awards as gifts from you. thank you so much! stay sweet and thoughtful. {{{hugsss}}}

  2. Thanks so much to those of you who have read my work– I would not work so hard if it wasn’t for you! I know we don’t have Rally this week, but my weekly poem will be up on Thursday morning, and I’ll visit your blogs on Thursday & Friday to see what’s new. It’s a ritual now!

  3. Congratulations to Everyone!
    Wanted to say the last rally was amazing; so many inspiring poems and support. I’m proud to take part.

  4. hey jingele! how r u?

    no way jingle!!!! 4 more awards for me???? :O 😀

    YOur totally full of SURPRISES and SHOCKS!!!! 😛 😉



  5. Thank you for all you do, Jingle! And thanks for the awards! Have a great week, Jingle (and everyone else)!

    I will have a poem post up Thursday. So come visit. I will try to visit people on Thursday, too.

  6. HI, friends; I really miss you.I was absent the last four days; I was busy at work + I went on a trip related to my job ( 744 kms in 2 days) I ‘m so tired that m*y poetry muse has left me.
    any way , thanks for the award jingle, and thanks to all those who voted for me.congratulations to all the winners.

    I feel that something is wrong in this community , why is the rally suspended?I ‘ve noticed that some friends are missing in the winners’ list ; what’s up ?
    do you mind explaining this to me sweet jingle ? I came back to see that everything has turned upside down.

  7. Thanks everyone who voted for me and thanks Jingle for all the time you put into this!!! you all are great!!! Keep writing!

  8. Thank you so much for the kind-spirited awards Jingle.
    They are always deeply appreciated.
    Hooray for all.
    Hope everyone is having a lovely day.
    Keep shining.

  9. Jingle thank you so much for these beautiful awards, and thanks to everyone who voted for me. I am so happy that you enjoy reading my poetry and stories. Jingle I accept these awards with pleasure and will post them later on this afternoon when my husband and grandkids are down for their naps.

  10. Thank you Jingle, you worked hard on this! And got a lot of votes! Congratulations!

    Congratulations to all the winners. You have found some very dedicated good poets and lots of other working-at-it-to-be poets.

    Your blog and contests like this help us all to gain readership. Thank you. Jim
    (also sans poetry)

  11. thanks so much Jingle for the nomination!!!

    i’m so happy to be part of the poet’s rally.

    Thanks everyone for visiting my blog.

    I promise to post more works and flutter around your blogs in the future.

    Love, Doni

  12. Congratulations to all of you fellow marvelous poets! I am honored and humbled to be chosen among you. To all who cast a nomination my way, thank you ever so much; you are so very kind and thoughtful. And to Jingle, once again thank you for your tireless devotion to this poet community; the awards as always, are lovely and you keep us motivated to reach out to others in our way. Thank you especially for that. Heartspell

  13. Thanks again Jingle, for taking the time to read my poems, and for the beautiful award. And thanks to all the other participants for their great works too.

    Just Say’n

  14. Jingle

    Thanks to everyone who voted for me and I wish I could have voted for everyone — for all the poems had the authors heart and soul in them.


  15. Thank you so much Jingle for all your hard work……I love your new look…..blessings….

  16. sad to see jingle take a hiatus, but i certainly can imagine the stress she has been under. i myself have to pull myself away from blogging and i just do it for myself.

    During April I tried to write a poem a day in honor of National Poetry Month but halfway through was so burnt out I could not do my daily chores and take proper care of my family.

    I am planning to bookmark all poets that I have read so that I can go back and check up from time to time. I hope you will all do the same. Expect some comments!

    God bless you, Ji, and all of you poets in this little community she has created.


  17. Thank you all for your votes, and thank you jingle for the award, sorry on my long delay, have been very busy this week. anyway take care and thanks again.

  18. Thanks for this beautiful, priceless honour.
    congratulations for all the winner- you all are marvellous.
    get well soon jingle and be back soon. eat and rest properly.
    lots of love.

  19. Thanks always the positive person you are you are a big inspiration of more poetry in my this has been my life since last year and did not even know I had this talent but you make a spark for me to continue doing this especially when you show up on my blogspot…Congrats to all the others as well and all enjoy..Happy Wednesday to you and all that is here as well(+)

  20. Thanks for all your hard work! I’ve loved exploring the words of these talented poets!

  21. Thanks Jingle. I really love what your doing here. Shows you have a real caring nature. Makes folks feel good. : )

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