I Am Lucky 2 Live In The Best Possible Neighborhood!

This post is an entry for neighbors,

A meme hosted at Terra Del Sol for Mia Monday

Do you have any beautiful experiences about your neighbors to share?

If your answer is Yes, then go see Kimberly...

I find myself enjoying writing these to share…

Happy Mia Monday!


I am lucky to live in the best possible neighborhood,

Where one can always count on good mood.

On special occasions,

We will pay each other special attentions.

July 4th Parade,

Halloween trick and treat,

Everything is preprepared,

Everything makes one feel great!

Trust and friendships are maintained,

While respect and indivudual space are obtained.

We stay on our own homes almost all the time,

We alert one another if there exists a crime.

Each household has one’s lawn cut in timmely manner,

Chritsmas lights make the surroundings look even better.

The side walks are sparkly clean,

The grass looks charmingly green.

Kids are all well behaved,

Drive ways are perfectly paved.

I feel peaceful, and cheerful to live in where I am,

Welcome to my neightborhood, thanks to Uncle Sam.

__Jingle on June 21, 2010___

Neighborhood Image

19 thoughts on “I Am Lucky 2 Live In The Best Possible Neighborhood!

  1. A very nice poem Jingle. It is so very hard to find a good neighborhood. I too live in a good one, except I live in an apartment. They are nice apartments but since the grandkids are getting older it is getting too small. It is three bedrooms, we needed 4 when we moved here 4 years ago when the tornado took my home, but Krystal was a baby and could share a room with my daughter, her mother. Now she will be 4 in Aug. and she is saying grandma and grandpa I want my own room. LOL So we are thinking about looking into buying another house. At my and my husband’s age we will just have to wait and see.

    1. Thank you for sharing viola…

      I only have two kids, thus the home is perfect for 4, 4 bedrooms,…
      It is not the most exppesive one, but friendly and beautiful one…

      Best wishes 2 you, your daughter, and your grand kids…

      a generation of 3 live in the same home could be a challenge….

  2. You are soo luckt to be around people who help you smile and help you enjoy life. 🙂 I live on a double cul-de-sac, so it is very peaceful here. My mountain home is the best though. 🙂 Just smile and have fun today. 🙂

  3. This is Lovely, Jingle! I’m happy for You that You live in such an idealic neighborhood! That’s a gift indeed! I love my neighbors as well. Tons of flowers and trees and plants and interesting, and for the most part, friendly people. Yavo! Thank You and Cheers and Namaste. 🙂

  4. Wonderful poem of part of the American Dream. I must say that mine is pretty much the same, however, we don’t have those special gatherings. That is something that would be so nice, if everyone could get together at the same time.

    Living in a 24 hour city makes it rather hard, unless we had enough people to gather in shifts. Interesting thought, and thank you for bringing it to mind, Jingle.


  5. Looks like a nice place to live, Jingle.

    Great poem, sounds like a very caring place for a very caring poet.

    I like the sparkling clean sidewalk idea and of course the community of trick or treaters, and all the lovely Christmas decorations.


  6. I dont go out to mix with my neighbours but they are very good. really good.

    i have never lived in any locality where i had problematic neighbours. actually he he i dont go out much to mingle with them so.. every one is peachy i guess if you just smile and wave at them. 🙂

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