31 thoughts on “Blue Fish 4 Blue Monday

  1. Cut poem jingle. I love the color of blue, like the blue fish, but the blue bird is my favorite. I love sitting on my patio watching birds of all color, and listening to their songs.

  2. Lovely poetic alliterations that sound good to the mind’s ears when read even in silence. The playful use of words brings the child-like feel to this poem.

    This would be good for a picture and poetry kind of children’s book.

    I’m trying to visit all the readers to my webnook from the port that you opened for poets to find my quiet nook. i intend to visit the sites and explore this wonderful new found source readings and readers. Thanks again.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  3. I enjoy reading the report, too. It′s easy to understand that a journey like this is the biggest event in ones


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