20 thoughts on “Flowers VS Showers

  1. Don’t try to imagine the negatives on people’s mind. People will always be people and that’s what really makes the world go round. You are doing an awesome job with this rally. It is unfortunate next week’s will not hold.

    Anyways, I just want to say, You are sweet no matter what.
    Take care of you…cheers!

  2. I like how scrolling down these photos created kind of an “art abstraction” process! There was purpley and then more purpley, but the colors and shapes morphed in each pic. Coolio.

  3. Love the photos a lot:-)
    Thanks for sharing and sorry I am unable to keep up with the poems on Thursday I will try my best again to be apart of it because I really love what your doing. Have a great SUNDAY 🙂

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