Family Fridays-Happy Birthday 2 “A Poem A Day”

Jingle has copied and pasted A Poem A Day’s Birthday Post here:

“Today is my birthday!!! I’m sosososososo excited I can’t tell you. :D But it also got me thinking–when I decided to write today’s poem early so I wouldn’t forget!–about expectations and how some people deal with them. This poem is my own personal response to the questions that started jumping up in my mind.”

“Today” by A Poem A Day

No more waiting
Today is THE day
The day you’ve been counting down
For months
For years
And you stayed up until midnight
Just to say
Today is TODAY

But now
What do you do
Now that the wait
Is over?
Do you start the next countdown
To the next milestone
Or do you revel in today
And leave yourself hanging tomorrow?

My friends, I chose to
Love today
For it will not come again
And the feeling it brings
Is unique in your
Mind, soul and heart
And no matter what the other countdown is for
It will never be for TODAY

I’ll deal with tomorrow tomorrow
For I have no doubt
It will bring its own surprises
And I’ll great it with a smile
But today is today
And this is my moment
And I will live it

Thank You for letting us know your birthday via this post…

Happy birthday Wishes From Jingle

and from Poets at Thursday Poets Rally..

Please feel free to visit Adkwriter15…

Have FUN!

This is also an entry for Family Fridays which is cohosted by

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29 thoughts on “Family Fridays-Happy Birthday 2 “A Poem A Day”

  1. Hey I really like your poem today. I have the same quandry with more birthdays. I think I’ll just be happy I made it this far!!!!!

  2. Beautiful.

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to Jingle
    Happy Birthday to you

    May God bless you
    May God bless you
    May God bless you Jingle
    May God bless you.

    1. It is not my birthday,

      it is “A Poem a Day” ‘s birthday…

      sorry for misleading,
      the poem is written by the poet at a poem a day..
      not by Jingle..

  3. Happy Birthday! Today is my Hubs birthday too!

    Great poem! Thanks for sharing today! I hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend!

  4. A birthday can be a fun thing,
    A great day to have a good fling,
    Enjoy a fine time
    With a drink and a lime
    “Happy Birthday” is what they’ll all sing!

  5. Hope you had a great birthday Ji – sorry I was off the radar
    my love and blessings for a great year

  6. This is a nice blog message, I will keep this idea in my mind. If you add more video and pictures because it helps understanding 🙂

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