V Is 4 Victims-Secrets R Revealed Under Hidden Video Camera

Mathew and his wife Dove have been married for more than a dozen years. They share two beautiful children, Ken and Jen, a nine year old boy and a seven year old girl. The family of four are immigrants living in the U. S.

Mathew has a tenured job at a university in Fort Worth, Texas. He loves his wife and believes that life is so far perfect for him.

Until the fateful day comes, that’s when his wife’s younger sister Daisy comes to live with them.

Daisy is single. She has broken up with her 2 year long boy friend because she finds out that he has been cheating on her. Daisy is hurt and after she finishes her bachelor’s degree back in her home country, she comes to the U. S. visiting her sister, wishing to get accepted to a university in the U. S. to change her fate.

Unfortunately, she has been rejected by all three majors she has applied. Thus she has to face the music: go back to her country to find a job, or stays in the U. S. by changing her status from visiting relatives to student.

Dove loves her sister and considers her sister an innocent victim. And Dove has called her parents via international phone service to discuss the situation. Of course, American dream is not easily to be given up. Dove is asked to do whatever she can to support Daisy. It is an order from her respected parents.

Thus, on this lovely evening, Dove showers herself fresh and clean, and lays herself gently in her husband’s arms the way she always does…Mathew is about forty years old, he always feels pleased by his wife’s full breasts and delicate skins…he gets high almost instantly, without worrying about whether or not the kids have fallen asleep, or what Daisy has been doing in her guest room, the couple start their love making with deep passions.

They make some noises, but hunger and thirst overcome fears. They continue doing it, fully enjoying their heat.

Suddenly, Dove pushed her husband away while he is at his peak point.

“What’s the matter?” Mathew whispers, his hands gently squeeze his wife’s breasts.

“Nothing, I simply want to stop.” Dove tells a whopper, she wants to make a deal.

“I know there must be something, I can do anything for you, dear.”  Mathew is out of breath…He almost begs his wife.

“I want you to help my sister Daisy.”  Dove knows that if she does not spit it out, she may not have another chance.

“On behalf of you, dear, I will help her.”  Mathew whispers in her ears.

“How?” Dove is curious, holding back her desire for her hubby.

“Trust me, I will figure out a way.” Mathew pulls his wife closer, placing his lips on hers, with their bodies pressing hard…

With the help of Mathew, Daisy is accepted into the university with a major related to Mathew, Daisy is not really interested in studying under her brother-in-law, but she has no other options at the moment. Hopefully, she can switch her major later the year…

Daisy has trouble with her spoken English, she struggles a lot with her homework assignments…Thus, at home, with the support of her sister Dove, Daisy has easy access to Mathew, they would discuss homework solutions at the study before dinner time, with Dove being busy in the kitchen preparing for dinner.

Everything seems so fine, everyone is getting what they want. Daisy would play with Ken and Jen during weekends, help them with their homework assignments. The family of five goes to picnic at Locale Park at times…Dove is happy..

Until one day, Dove wakes up in the middle of the night, finding that her husband is not sleeping next to her. She realizes something, something really bad. Yet she holds her horses and pretends to be asleep. And when her husband comes back to their room and lays himself gently next to her, she breathe evenly making sure he does not know she is awake,

And the next day, she played the video camera that was installed in her house a few years ago…Dark secrets are revealed under the hidden camera. Her heart sinks when she sees that her husband has been going to her sister’s room every night after she is asleep.

She pretends knowing nothing.  She swallows hard when her sister Daisy smiles happily at her when she takes out the most festive dishes in the evening.

And the next day, after Mathew and Daisy come home, they can not find Dove, but see a note left on the table:

“To my dearest husband and my most darling sister:

I was diagnosed with breast cancer and the doctor said that both of my breasts must be removed to save my life. I have decided to take one third of the savings and go back to our home country to get treated…I will be gone for 2 or 3 years…please take good care of the kids and wait for news from me.

With love,


And Dove has simply disappeared…Mathew can not quite his job, and Daisy is in the middle of her studies …They choose to remain, while Mathew has tried his best trying to contact his wife via other family members, but no one ever sees Dove.

Dove has no breast cancer. She has figured out a way to get out of her failed marriage, and she has used some money to change her appearance so that nobody recognizes her. Then she has used the rest of the money to open a private business in a far away town in her home country, her goal is to be independent, stay single, and give love to those who are poor or disadvantaged…

After two years, a lawyer comes to visit Mathew and his marriage to Dove is announced to be over.

“I am a victim of all these.” Mathew cries, but no one hears him.

Who is the victim in this story? You decide.


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This is a work of fictionJingle is a new hand in writing short stories. Please tolerate and be gentle!

Thank You for reading and commenting!

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32 thoughts on “V Is 4 Victims-Secrets R Revealed Under Hidden Video Camera

  1. Informative V post.

    You have to scroll down on my page… Longer down you find my V post… Or you can go by the likn I posted on this comment! Good Luck!

  2. Oh yes, the letter V a good letter my name start with V. Jingle your story is awesome, I really didn’t want it to end. Mathew and Daisy got off too easy, and Dove shouldn’t have used make-believe cancer as a way out. However, she is a better person than me, because I would have taken my kids, my home, the money, and left Mathew and Daisy nothing, before I divorce him.

  3. Matthew intentionally misunderstood took Dove’s plea.BY ‘helping her ‘ Dove did not meant her husband to sleep with her sister . Matthew knew it but still betrayed his wife . So the victim here clearly and undoubtedly is Dove. I pity on her but at the same time I do not agree with the decision she took of moving out . She did not confronted her husband and sister who played upon her feelings and kept her in darkness .

    Cheating Partner? – Find out whether or not
    you have something
    to worry about.


  4. oh dear…I will come back to read this, Jingle…
    am stopping by to let you know my humble contribution of the rally is up
    have you a great wednesday!

  5. You should write books. The children are the ones who lose out. I wish she would have come back for them.. I think that is a wild story and I am sadden by the outcome. I would not ever leave my child behind if things did not work out with my husband. I have no worries because he is a great man..

    I think you should really write books you are an amazing writer.


  6. Nice writing Jingle! As for the victims I see the children as the only possible victims in the story. I mean Matthew and Daisy are just cheaters (among many other things) and Dove she sort of pretends to be a victim with her cancer story(and in truth the deception must have eat at her like cancer) but as for the marriage she just left to become a survivor..(personally if I were her I would have taken the children!)

    Have a Great Wednesday!

  7. i have no respect for cheating husbands. the story may sound gross but this thing happened/happens to a lot of marriages. the women and the children are undoubtedly the victims here.

    matthew took advantage of daisy’s vulnerability and abused dove’s trust.

    ken and jen are the victims of their parents’ self-centeredness. after all, it was so selfish of dove to disappear from her children’s lives just like that.

    happy wednesday to all of you!

    jingle i have posted the awards you gave me as well as my post for your rally. thanks =)

  8. Oh Jingle, there are a bunch of wrongs in this and no rights.
    1. Dove should not have manipulated her husband during sex.
    2. The husband should not have been sleeping with Daisy.
    3. Dove should not have lied about breast cancer.
    4. Dove should not have left her children. There were better ways to leave her husband.
    5. Daisy manipulated both of them.

    The children are the only victims.

  9. I don’t like that Dove manipulated her husband with sex…it seems like that set the whole string of events crashing down.

    If someone considers life from the perspective of being a victim, it can color everything. Act with hope and love. Desire can destroy if it is nothing else, or used as a ploy.

  10. You had me at V. In addition to a talented poet, it’s obvious you are also “well-versed” as a short story writer as well. My thoughts are the kids are the only true victims here. It’s unconscionable that Dove would abandon them to her adulterous husband and sister. To me, Dove is a little too absorbed in her own hurt. Running away is a coward’s way out. She would have been much stronger to stay and confront the pair. That’s my two cent’s worth. 🙂

  11. A sad tale, probably more common than one would think. The children, of course, become the victims. At least I see it that way as the adults are each pandering to their own special interest without regard for a total picture. Well written story!

  12. Dove is the real victim.
    Her desire to help her sister has taken a most unwanted turn.
    Her husband knowingly or unknowingly deceives her.
    Thus Dove loses her husband, her children and her happines.
    All in one go.

    Poem link-
    “Gulf engulfs” in meenas17.wordpress.com

  13. I think the victims were the children. She really should have taken them with her. I bet she missed them tons.

  14. The children are definitely the victims, though Dove has been hard treated too. I don’t agree with the way she disappeared though. Much better to have brought the truth out into the light.

  15. Wow, what a story and a sad one at that. Unfortunately, I think everyone lost but mostly the children. Very interesting read. Good V post.

  16. Jingle. Wow, I read this twice.

    What a compelling stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday’s Letter “V”!

    I think the big losers were the children.

    But I think the big winners were all of us…getting to read your link.

    Thank you.


  17. Jingle,
    You did so well writing this story… I feel sorry for the children; they have lost their mother and cannot respect their Father or Aunt… But I feel that Dove should have confronted her husband and sister with the unfaithfulness. Very tragic ending… Heartspell

  18. Thanks so much for your contribution – I was totally transfixed by the whole series of episodes!
    I try to visit as many contributors as possible each week but sometimes I just dont manage it, but we have a great ABC team and between us we see that everybody gets a comment. We are coming to the end of the current round and plans are in store for the next round, I do hope you will be part of the fun! If you would like to be part of the team just drop me an e-mail :-

    Denise Nesbitt
    ABC Wednesday founder & team member

    denisebydesigns at googlemail dot com

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