Thursday Poets Rally Week 23 Poem Post-Perfect Poet Award Acceptance

Once a snowflake fell

On my brow,

I blinked my eyes

And it cries

And wet my eyes.

I liked it,

I missed it,

I kissed it,

I tasted it.

My act made its family happy,

One by one,

Two by two,

The snowflake’s siblings, cousins, and friends

Engulfed me.

They are so cool,

I got happy 2.

I squeezed them,

Loved my new friends,

The fun has No ends.

They feel No shame of being plain,

And transformed into spring rain.

Oh, My!

I got so very high,

And I did not realize why:

All of a sudden,

I was frozen!

Under the spring shower,

I turned into a flower.


This post is for Thursday Poets Rally Week 23 Poem Post.

Thanks to Trisha at Trisha for nominating Jingle the week 22 Perfect Poet Award.

As for Week 23,  I nominate A Poem A Day at adkwriter15 for the Perfect Poet Award.

Happy Thursday 2 You All!

😉 😉 😉

The Perfect Poet Award Week 22

50 thoughts on “Thursday Poets Rally Week 23 Poem Post-Perfect Poet Award Acceptance

  1. LOved the poem…..

    congrats on ur award……

    will participate actively in week 23 rally…..

    jingle… if we do not finish week 22 we can’t participate in week 23?

    1. u r right,
      u have the time to finish week 22 before doing week 23…
      it only takes 1 to 2 hours to finish commenting for 18 poets…

  2. You do know how to live life. I am smiling at your words. I save this played out and loved it. 🙂 Hope all is well. I am playing catch up. lol 🙂

  3. Oh no.. Snow talk.. Boo.. Too funny.. We have wild winters and I just am enjoying the warm weather..

    Have a great day..

  4. This is so beautiful! Makes me remember why I live in a place that’s covered in snow half the year instead of somewhere it’s warm all the time! Thank you sosososo much for the nomination!

  5. hi Jingle!

    nice, sweet and wonderful poem…

    Especially loved the last two lines 🙂

    keep writing..

    Btw, i’ve nt been active on my blog since Ive been travelling for quite sometime…

    Hence my apologies If I revert late to your comments..

    I thank you for all the wonderful awards given by you and wld post them as soon as Im back from travel..

    thnks and keep up the good wrk!

    1. the Rally last until next Tuesday…
      it is not too late,
      you can link in and visit 18 poets tonight if you wish to,

      thank you for the feedback!
      please let me know.

  6. Loved these lines –The fun has No ends.

    They feel No shame of being plain,

    And transformed into spring rain.

    Truly Amazing! Love this poem.


  7. just letting you know i have finally finished. took me some time i know, but working now two jobs doesnt leave much time for poetic fun. just know i will always finish the task just may take me longer than some.

  8. Such a cute poem Jingle, I saw my first snowflake in Pittsburgh at the age of 22, ha ha.. Brought back those memories, the delight of a cold snowflake on my warm face, the first snow ball fight.. How can I forget that?! This might just be my favorite snowflake poem of them all!!
    😉 and love.

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