Deep in the sea floor,

High above the Northern star,

If you explore with friends’ support,

You travel twice as far.

How do you interpret manipulation here? Does it mean that you can talk people into your agreement? Do you have to force your perception about the world on someone specific?

The answer is NO!

The word of manipulation could be deceptive! No one can control or change those who refuse to be controlled or altered. But, for those who look for directions, for those who seek friendships and partnerships, you have the opportunity to reach out, share your common sense, and give birth to lives in your shared interests.

If you know the trick of manipulation, you are more likely to be successful. Your thinking skills, your self-managing skills, and your language and problem solving skills would have found a place to mold. The uniqueness in you attracts those who admire you closer to your life.

As a result, your life is empowered, your destination is in sight! Because of manipulation, transfiormations take place, your dreams could easily become reality.

Do you agree?

You are welcome to join for a heated discussion. Have fun!

15 thoughts on “Manipulation

  1. I manipulate people at work. That is. I reverse a decision by showing the benefits of..”my way”. I let them comment on how I want it and add thier suggestion to it. I sell “thier” ideas to thier management and say it was thier idea. Basically, I show them the way it should be, include them in the idea, and once they understand, I say they thought of it. Works every time.

    is that bad? Nah.

    I don’t do that personally. I empower. But can be a good convincer (sp)

    So there ya go.

  2. i don’t believe in manipulation. i prefer fair play always!! 🙂

    direct always…… that’s the best way….. 😀

    manipulation sometimes leads to disasters i feel. 😐

  3. I am one who do not believe in manipulating anyone for any reason. I too feel it is a sign of being weak, and being a bully. I agree with you Jingle this is a sensitive topic.

  4. I’m easy, Jingle. I can be manipulated but not if I know someone is trying to do that. I surely don’t want to manipulate anyone now. Probably I did with my kids when they were growing.
    My word is ‘encourage.’ I like to be an encourager.

  5. I believe in attraction. I believe that if you are a thing, you will attract like things. I believe that if you are a reflection of what you want, you will get what you want.

  6. manipulation seemed to me to always be coupled by some sort of physical contact that would appear to be caring and since most in the human sense crave a touch we let our guards down for a moment of comfort or pleasure and as our minds wander words are whispered that we might not agree to if we were focused and thinking I’ve always be wary of a manipulator.

    manipulation at least to me seems more about wanting to seize by subtilty what possibly would have been given freely if I was just approached with a open and honest request that I could think upon and make a right choice.

    This is a very sticky as well as thought provoking topic.

  7. sumtimes our life want us to manupilate but it is not good act n one should avoid it we shuld be clear n outspoken n shuld perform our task truly without manupilating other
    n nce article i m totally agreed wid u

  8. some people love to manipulate, the moment i understand that someone is trying that trick on me i disappear from the scene.

    i personally prefer people should have their own view on every thing- i may share my experiences/mistakes/preferences with them but i will prefer it, adore it if they use their own judgment.

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