I Was Embarrassed When…

Moments #1: I signed up my 12 year old boy for Tennis Lessons Advanced Beginner level this year, it is a two week lesson and it is held Monday through Thursday each week, the lesson takes place in city tennis court and with time period as 9:30am to 10:15am.

Today is Monday, it started raining or pouring early at 3am, many places are flooded, it is obvious that the lesson will have to be canceled, yet to make sure, at 9:05am, I picked up the phone and called the manager, the lady who answered the phone said:”We did not make any decision yet, well, it is still raining and there are thunders, I will say, NO, yes, the decision is made now.” “Hurray.” I heard a cheerful voice next to me, it was my son who was thrilled about the canceling of the lesson. Wow, I am speechless.

Last week on Wednesday, similar situation occurred, I was told on the phone that the lesson will be on, I drove 10 minute all the way to the tennis court, only to be told by a tennis instructor that “it is canceled, it will be made up on Friday.”

Moments #2: I signed up my 12 year old boy for Swimming lessons advanced level 5 this year, the lessons occur Monday through Thursday for two weeks, time is 6:30pm-7:15pm, parents have to sign in and sign out, fill out survey forms…

Recall five years ago when I first went to my son’s swimming lesson, I was curious about how they teach and how my kid learns, 10 minutes after the swimming lesson started, I left the shaded area where most parents sat and wait, watching their kids from a far distance, I walked right toward the pool, and sat myself near the pool on a chair, I was enjoying watching the kids doing some basic or essential moments so much, I did not realize that I was in a wrong spot, where no parent is allowed to be there.

Thus, I was very startled when a tall and strong guy wearing a swimming suit with this red and dark skin stood right in front of me, saying: ”would you excuse me, parents are not allowed to stay this close to the pool.” My face was red, I said sorry and hurried away as soon as possible, in front of so many people, both kids in the pool and parents near the pool.

These are some embarrassing moments in my life, I hope that you enjoy reading it.

This post is an entry for I was embarrassed when,

A meme hosted at Terra Del Sol for Mia Monday

Do you have any such moments to share?

If your answer is Yes, then go see Kimberly...

I find myself enjoying writing these to share…

Happy Mia Monday!

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18 thoughts on “I Was Embarrassed When…

  1. Jingle, thanks so much for joining in the party.

    These kind of moments have happened to me too. It was hard to chose just a few things to write about today.

    I appreciate your participation! Thank you!

  2. Oh, I know what you mean Jingle. I have 2 really embarrassing moments.

    #1. When I was 26 the top to my blue bikini came untied and flowed away in the ocean. Thank God my husband fought the waves and finally retrieved my top.

    #2. Once on mine and my husband’s vacation when we stopped for gas, I was tired and went into the man’s bathroom by mistake. I was embarrassed, because a man was standing at the toilet peeing.

  3. Ji, when I was 12 I was very developed and jumped off of the diving board…I panicked and had to be rescued by my step father…So I get out of the pool still half out of it and walk back to the picnic table where my family was…I was wondering why this little boy was smiling…I thought people were staring because I had just been rescued…No, my bikini top was exposing my breasts and I had NO idea…EMBARESSING…needless to say, I have never worn a bikini since…

  4. Jiingle,
    How were you to know unless they posted a sign? I would have done the same thing.

    If I were to list all embarrassing times I had.. well, it would take all day. I have found if I walk with my head up, then hide afterwards everything works out, no one seems to remember or they don’t say.

    Have a fun week with your children.

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