Freedom Is Not Absolute

No string is attached now,

You have your wish come true

For being free like a cow.

Bless you.

You are free to fly

In the boundless sky.

But freedom is not absolute,

To remain free

And feel the joy of being free,

You must pick a space

On earth and make it your own place.

In this way,

When you fly away,

The earth shall rise

Along with you, no surrpise.

You thus give wings

to all the living things,

Especially children

And plants in your garden.

By Jingle on June 10, 2010

Happy Thursday!

😉 😉 😉

30 thoughts on “Freedom Is Not Absolute

  1. You are free to fly

    In the boundless sky.

    But freedom is not absolute
    – fabulous line. Jingle, I always try to go to anyone’s blog that leaves a comment on mine. this time, I have a lot of people whose blog site is not listed with their comment and I can’t place them by the names on your list. (they might not be from the rally, but I’m thinking they are). Could you remind people next week to make sure their signatures on their comments will link them back to their blog. I don’t like missing anyone who comments, but I can’t always get to every person on the list. (esp. this week as my computer use is limited due to my fried hard drive..good news is that it’s fixed. I just have to reinstall all of my programs now). Thanks. Lovely day to you. Hugs. Once I get reinstalled, I’ll try to get back to the ones I didn’t get a chance to read.

  2. It took me some time, to finally be free, of the humble request you asked of me. It wasn’t at all a trouble or pain, Nor was it full of vane. My 18 comments are complete, and i am now free to compete.

    Great poem by the way, though….i dont know how free cows are….:P anyway have a good one and keep up doing what you do.

  3. i agree… freedom is definitely not absolute… we are free to do as we wish, but we do not have the right to step on other people’s toes.. 🙂

  4. No matter how free you are to fly, you must return to your nest where you will be faced with responsibilities that curtails or at least takes a bit of that freedom. Nice work Ji.

    …and I am working tirelessly, you’ll soon here “done” (wink).

  5. “when you fly away, the earth shall rise along with you,” Jingle, this is just so beautiful; I love this poem; so hopeful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Heartspell

  6. You speak your words
    They are complete
    You share your thoughts
    Fredom elite
    Your poetry sails
    like craft on seas
    I watch the wake
    take in the breeze.

    Freedom is not absolute.

    (vodka is)

  7. Nice poem, I like the expression free like a cow, never heard that before. My wife is a cow lover, she has quite a few cow ornaments around the house & we even have Mad Cow car seat covers

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