Weekend Funnies Week 13-Fun Ways 2 Say Happy Birthday

Hello, how R U?

15 Fun Ways To Say Happy Birthday To You,

Referring 2 Those Who Were born in June!

Have A Sunny and Funny Sunday!

This post is an entry for weekend Funnies hosted by

Shakira and Hooray for Saturday hosted by Kathy

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has been hosting a meme called “Hooray for Saturday”!

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22 thoughts on “Weekend Funnies Week 13-Fun Ways 2 Say Happy Birthday

  1. My dearest Jingle,
    You are so thoughtful and self less. I do appreciate all that you do but I am just getting better. I cannot keep up, Jingle.
    I do the best that I can, in my own way. I hope you do not feel that I do not appreciate you and all that you do. If you are too busy, you can skip the Funnies, I would truly understand. We are almost like sisters.You take care of yourself.
    love you!

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