Let’s Send Love 2 Viola and Ibok Today

Thank You, Viola and Ibok, for being part of our community,

Please take good care and Happy Sunday!

😉 😉 😉

Please stop by Viola’s place at Viola

and Ibok’s Place at Emmanuel Ibok to say…

Viola, Ibok,…I am sending you an angel’s BIG HUGS along with prayers today.

I hope Larry, Your husband Get Well Day by Day,

I wish You, Ibok to Heal and Come Back To Us Soon after Today

We All care for you and wish you feel better in some way

And we will be here to love and support you all the way…

May your husband Larry get well

May  Ibok, You rest well and stay well ..

We love You, Viola and Ibok…..

We Miss You and Encourage You To Fight for Love

Overcome challenges and obstacles and rise above



Occupy Positive Will,

Smile A Great Deal,

Eat more each meal,

be real,

recover and find yourself smile,

feel love and feel Good,

Be normal in a short while…

Sequences of love, flowers, hugs, and prayers fly your way!…

27 thoughts on “Let’s Send Love 2 Viola and Ibok Today

  1. lots of love for both of them.

    Emmanuel- Get well soon. take care.

    a big, loving hug for sweet angel viola.

    and peace and happiness for you sweet jingle.

  2. You guys are the best, and you have me crying becuase I know every word is coming from your hearts. I am trusting God for my husband’s healing and I know although it may not look like it right now, that he will soon be well. Thank all of you so much for your love and support. Those hugs and good wishes mean more to us than you will ever know. Just knowing you have friends who care bring sunshine and peace to you. I love each and every one of you.

  3. Hi Jingle and thanks for the heads up. I’ve now (today) been to Viola and Ibok and left my good wishes and hugs and prayers. Thanks for keeping me apprised dear friend.
    ps: I’m staying in Cuba on vacation for two weeks as from 7 June (tomorrow) thru 22 June… the IT online connection there is not so good but I’ll do my best to be online and stay touch with you and all our friends
    Cheers! You Rock!

  4. Words cannot explain it all but the Love I feel right here is beyond human imagination. I am so pleased to have a community like this that has the warmth of a family. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you.

    My Regard goes to my dear friend Viola’s husband. He will be well.

    Cheers all!!!

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