Thursday Poets Rally Week 21 Poem Post

You take my breath away,

You dominate my mind every single day,

You are the music I play,

You are the dream I chase in every way.

You take my breath away

When you walk past me,

You take my breath away

When you look at me.

You take my breath away

When you appear so very nice,

You take my breath away

When you enrich my life with sugar and spice.

You take my breath away

When you say hi,

You take my breath away

When you leave without a goodbye.

You take my breath away

When you pay attention to others,

You take my breath away

When you choose to play with your brothers.

You have got me shaking,

You have got me wanting.

My breath has now be taken,

I must win you to overcome this aching.

Like spring water from a stream on a sizzling summer day,

You take my breath away.

You take my breath away constantly,

I wish You could be especially with me.

The Perfect Poet Award Week 2o

Hello, how R U?

This poem is for Thursday Poets Rally Week 21 poem post.

Raji has nominated Jingle for week 20 The Perfect Poet Award.

It is such a sweet honor, Raji, Thank You for the kindness.

U have been active and writing best ever poetry along the weeks,

I wish you the best, Raji.ย  Please continue working on it…xxx

For week 21, Jingle wish to nominate Trisha at Trisha The Perfect Poet Award.

Trisha has been 100% active not only in participating Poets Rally, but also

on commenting, encouraging, following almost allย  POETS who are either

previous participants or have been represented as fresh poets. Thank You, Trisha,

for the outstanding job done.ย  I appreciate your excellence and wishing you the best!

Happy Thursday!

๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

57 thoughts on “Thursday Poets Rally Week 21 Poem Post

  1. Jingle — were you talking to ME in that comment directly above? If so — thanks.

    I am looking forward to posting for the rally in the next couple weeks. Would you believe I am STILL making my way over to wonderful bloggers who commented on my post 2 weeks ago??? I love all you guys so much, but am strugling to keep up with reading and commenting on blogs lately.

    And since I try not to worry or struggle in life, I get over to blogs when I can, more or less in the order comments arrive at my blog. So is my plan for now.



    1. Please feel free to comment for Week 21 participants….
      in general, they would love comments and more likely to return favors…
      Good Luck!
      love you, girl!
      Welcome to the Rally any time.

  2. you really know how to lighten someone’s mood will you poems.
    I know i may be a little late wrapping up my participation.
    I had a really long day at work and couldn’t get any time online.
    Anyhow, i here now. lol

  3. lovely poem Jingle and thanks for the kind words ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am really sorry, couldnt participate in rally this week… was so busy with work missed it… next time willdefinately participate ๐Ÿ™‚
    happy friday ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Congrats to all of your wonderful writers.. I just enjoy reading what you write. I know there is no way I could do what you do..

    Have an amazing day and weekend..

  5. Hi Jingle, i love this piece…portrays a breathlessness that one has to experience to understand. Makes one think that when you are with this person, the rest of the world does not exist. It evokes envy in anyone who does not have that special someone.

    Tell me what you think of these pieces that are so dear to me:
    My Scraggly Carcass, A day in Paradise, Man Of My Dreams,Fate Woke Me Up One Day, Until he smiled

    1. okay,

      this time, you need to visit 12 poets that are NEW to you, which means they never visited you and comment for them, let me know after you are done!

      I will place your link in.

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